Example sentences of "[adv] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Because , my dear nephew , ’ Wolsey silkily intervened , ‘ only I know what the seal actually looks like .
2 And so I told her the whole story of my lonely childhood with the Reed family , and of my terrible experience in the red room .
3 And I said I said so I told her the registration and she gave me the room number but she said .
4 Well , obviously none of us would want to separate sex from erotica , and so er , and I think we , what we 'd like , what we wanted the leaflet to do was put , put sort of sex for , for young people er and students in particular in this case into a framework that allowed loving and resp , response of attitudes and , and eroticism , yes , and so I think what the leaflet does is , is let people take care of themselves sexually and let them take responsibility for their sexual acts .
5 So I gave myself the day off . ’
6 ‘ I hit the fish and stright away though it was a good one , but my son Tony has never caught a pike so I handed him the rod , ’ said Lee .
7 So I cook one the other day , and I cook one this morning , I 've pressure cooked one for him , but he would n't look at it Reg is definitely
8 So I give her the colour of the , what what sort of colours ?
9 So I give you the choice of a , a Lamborghini or a Rover what would you rather have ?
10 So I give you the address the , the tel telephone number , you can ring her up
11 So I allowed him the honour of endorsing my change of name .
12 And yet there was a part of her which longed to get to the bottom of this complex man , an instinct perhaps which told her the quest would be a worthwhile one .
13 And apparently she phoned her the other night at half past twelve and said can you come and pick me up ? said no .
14 That might in itself imply that she felt for some reason that she would be suspected , or perhaps she knew who the killer was and preferred to keep quiet .
15 So she told us the last time she was round she was going on a course for that sort of thing and she said now would you like to try it said fair enough .
16 So she shows me the outfit : silk , black and white checks , turquoise squiggles , all gold and silver and apricot with matching trousers .
17 Do you so you see yourself the fact that you 're living here on your own , in the in the flats , makes you feel more vulnerable .
18 Suddenly we found ourselves the proud owners of three switchboards , two lines , thirteen phones and a miraculous fax ( ‘ Oooh , you must have to roll them up ever so small ’ ) machine .
19 One particularly searching way of appraising informal interviews is to ask ourselves how much we accept what the interviewer tells us simply because it fits in with our own preconceptions or biases .
20 But these men could do much more to help , not only their partners , but themselves , if only they understood what the menopause is and what can be done to alleviate the problems .
21 We could really make this place swing if only they gave us the data to work on , could n't we ? ’
22 And lastly he showed them the stars and the clouds and the moon and all the winds of heaven .
23 When Nicklaus did finally track me down he told me the bag was still mine if I wanted it , but I told him I 'd already committed myself , so I gave up the chance .
24 So he swallowed her small cries , but in the end it was not the safeguard she had sought , because in doing so he fed her the taste of himself once more and left a hunger in her which she sensed would last a long , long time , if not an eternity .
25 so he offered me the moon to get me
26 y y i it can happen and apparently sometimes does that the young man will receive a recycled wife who is in fact the mother of a daughter who has married his father and so he calls her the daughter-mother , her actual mother is his wife .
27 So he give me the keys and I could n't start it .
28 So he bought I the watch .
29 one so he knows what the temperature 's going to be and er he 's I think he 's quite enjoyed experimenting with it .
30 His pal his workmate was retired and a few months after , Arthur died , so it left me the one and the owners of the property , they give me notice to quit and no messing about er and when I talked to them , they give me twelve months , rate free , to erm get out .
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