Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 following the work 's experience there is a half term there , so it can either come before that or after it and I 'll do a unit and it might be on safety or , if I ca n't erm first aid I might get safety in and they 'll do it like that and we 'll fill in some units .
2 I 'll do a backdrop .
3 But I need to know cos I 'll do a turkey if we 're staying home .
4 Erm in fact incredibly so erm Very nice place to work actually erm so I 'll do a bit of friendly chasing .
5 And I 'll do a bit of sick-visiting , and go and talk to my old mate , Arthur , again .
6 I feel awake , I 'll do a dialogue .
7 I 'll do a , I 'll do a draft letter this afternoon , you can have a look at it , erm we 'll knock a plan up and her get the addresses and then that 's it 's easy then in n it ?
8 Well I 'll do a I know I 'll do a Christmas section then , right ?
9 I 'll do a deal with you , I expect that .
10 I 'll do a lot more than that if you do n't do as you 're told .
11 Actually I 'll do a little bit more than that .
12 you know I 'll do a copy in braille
13 I 'll do a cup of tea anyway .
14 Okay well I 'll I 'll do a I 'll do a note on on the various headings that I 've made so we 've all got the same piece of paper .
15 I 'll fetch a broom . ’
16 If I get home at 12.30 I probably wo n't want to go down a club , but I 'll pull a beer out of the fridge , sit down and have a laugh at everybody else making pillocks of themselves , including the prat who calls him self the Hitman .
17 I 'll offer a Mass for them all , ’ she said .
18 ‘ OK , ’ he murmured , ‘ I 'll offer a reward .
19 And there was also the enigmatic poem Farai Un vers de dreyt nien — " I 'll sing a song about nothing at all " — with verses like the following :
20 I 'll prepare a plan for you that will work . ’
21 I 'll prepare a ship at Bristol , take you and Hawkins with me , and have that treasure if I have to search for a year ! ’
22 I 'll 'ave a look too , an' I 'll ask about , some o' my pals on the river might know somefink .
23 Jones yelled , ‘ I 'm damned if I 'll bowl a full-toss ! ’
24 I 'll build a fire , ’ he said , not mentioning the light Isabel had managed to produce .
25 I 'll build a house in readiness , ’ promised Edward .
26 and said , " I 'll build a house ! "
27 I 'll manage a cup of tea and then I 'll pop off thank you .
28 Erm , take this example here , er , I 've got sales being calculated , say units , times the price , C four times C six , now I want to add a product B so I might , I might be here and think oh I 'll insert a row here and copy the formula and go up to there and insert a row , and so on .
29 ‘ When I say my Promise , like you , I 'll wear a Nuform , then ? ’
30 I 'll wear a skirt tomorrow .
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