Example sentences of "[pron] at the [det] time " in BNC.

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1 The footwells need cutting and rewelding for a V8 , so it would be easier to repair yours at the same time as , if you buy a new bulkhead , it will need chopping and welding just the same .
2 Me and Lee had her at the same time .
3 The gulls can see the help and benefit they receive from Iago 's service , but can not see , or conceive , that Iago could be benefiting himself at the same time ; and no one could possibly see that Iago is in fact benefiting himself by destroying them .
4 I have seen him striding through Soho eating a sandwich and talking to himself at the same time , oblivious to the cars and traffic and noise around him , deep in thought .
5 It was awful , he spoke so awkwardly , he always has to say things in a roundabout way , he always has to justify himself at the same time .
6 He was at an age when he could be both inside himself and outside himself at the same time : he knew he was only playing a game , but the game still remained real to him .
7 Then it breaks out over an overlap onto the characteristic smooth slabs and walls which at the same time tempt and intimidate , attract but repel .
8 There were also some devices which counterbalanced this continual splitting of family resources , such as the partnership system of the family firm , marriage between cousins , and setting up trusts to provide income for daughters and wives which at the same time allowed the trustees , who were always men , to use the trust capital for the business .
9 It gives a good intellectual overview of the problem and a ‘ map ’ in which can be located detailed close-up studies , which at the same time do not lose sight of the general context in which they are made .
10 Feminists need a more dynamic view of reading , one which maintains a political perspective , but which at the same time concedes that there is room for manoeuvre between text and audience .
11 In fact I had never even imagined life without fat so it was something of a challenge to create a very low fat diet for myself , first of all , and then for my slimmers — a diet which at the same time as being very low in fat included all the necessary nutrients .
12 She really made Seles fight , in a hard-hitting baseline battle which at the same time surely set a new decibel record !
13 The emphasis is on a purposeful and communicative approach to language learning which at the same time will provide students with a sound command of language structure and vocabulary .
14 The virtue of immediate or shortly forthcoming abolition of the trade abolitionists proclaimed as an act of justice and humanity which at the same time offered the greatest stimulus to reform of slavery on the plantations .
15 Both indigenous and immigrant working classes have at various times staked claims to be considered the true backbone of ‘ the nation ’ ( as against a decadent aristocracy or unpatriotic bourgeoisie for example ) through various institutions of public propriety ( churches , labour organizations , community associations ) which at the same time defend the integrity of their own traditions against negative influences in the wider society .
16 A song must be not only ‘ familiar ’ but also ‘ new ’ — that is , must stimulate attention — and this contradiction is surmounted by introducing ‘ pseudo-individualized ’ effects ( which at the same time , of course , reinforce the ideology of ‘ creativity ’ and ‘ uniqueness ’ necessary for cultural goods ) .
17 This was not the first time that water had been collected in bulk , but hitherto those who indulged in the practice had generally been powerful bodies , like water or railway companies , who had acted under powers given them by legislation which at the same time made them liable for harm done by its escape .
18 Buyers of commercial vehicles or heavy trucks , for instance , may prefer to buy products that they know will " feel right " to drivers , and which at the same time are straightforward for their maintenance crews to service .
19 The Government adverted to this problem in its White Paper , recognising that ‘ it is not easy to define in a manner which conforms with the normally precise definitions of the criminal law , but which at the same time is sufficiently general to catch the variety of conduct aimed at .
20 The massive , tumultuous and frequently violent changes in human society that characterize this century have , without question , formed the substance of major political theories , which at the same time — because such theories always combine analysis with some ideology or ‘ vision ’ of the social world — have directly influenced the shape and direction that these changes have taken .
21 In consultation with colleges in 1989 , we planned the changeover to the new system over three years and three batches , providing , we hoped , a timetable which was not too rushed but which at the same time allowed centres to progress at a pace which met their candidates ' needs .
22 The Government feels that the disclosure regulations , which came into force in October 1991 , place too onerous a task on auditing firms and clients in monitoring payments to associates which at the same time are unlikely to impair the independence and integrity of the audit .
23 No one could but admire the fortitude with which he bore his last painful illness and the way in which at the same time he stuck to his constituency work which he performed with great conscientiousness .
24 The contracting parties shall therefore choose conversion modalities which do not cause any inflationary tendencies in the entire area of the monetary union and which at the same time increase the competitiveness of enterprises in the GDR .
25 Even though banks hold only very small amounts of cash , they nevertheless hold a large amount of other relatively liquid assets which act as reserves , but which at the same time earn interest .
26 It will be readily appreciated how important it is to agree on a name which reflects the separate identities ( and vanities ) of the firms involved without assuming Dickensian proportions and which at the same time commands the approval of any public relations consultant who has been engaged .
27 The festival 's aim is to promote interesting activities in the countryside which at the same time encourage environmental awareness and boost the local economy .
28 The orchestra , extremely democratically-run and independent-minded , was bruised , strained and a little anxious about its standards after clashes with the great maestro , who at the same time had spent less and less time with it .
29 Treated as a wayward child who at the same time was exceedingly precocious , he was considerably indulged as long as he continued to sow confusion in Rommel 's back yard .
30 Those international lawyers , such as Brownlie , who are sceptical about the legality of nuclear weapons use , but who at the same time take a practical view of the law and see it as closely related to what states actually do , are in something of a bind , as they do not hesitate to acknowledge .
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