Example sentences of "[pron] is not [to-vb] that " in BNC.

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1 However , there are important cases , particularly Senegal and Tanzania , where the tendency towards a national identity has been more important than localism , which is not to say that the conflict has not existed .
2 The key message is that kids cook quick — which is not to say that they immediately contract the disease .
3 Which is not to say that popular humour in the States is particularly nice : in recent years there has been a great demand for in-your-face racist , ethnic and misogynist stuff , as typified on the respectable side by Jackie Mason and on the unholy by Andrew Dice Clay .
4 Most Christians had a strong reserve towards that polytheism that pervaded society , which is not to say that there were not quiet compromisers , like the Christians of southern Spain early in the fourth century who held official cultic positions in the worship of Jupiter , or the bishop of Troy who could painlessly apostatize under Julian because he had never ceased to pray to the sun-god .
5 Which is not to say that statements of fact had no implications of principle .
6 Creating an image , in this sense , is an external systematizing activity ; which is not to say that Zuwaya failed to recognize the finished product or failed to enjoy it .
7 Which is not to say that such diseases are more common in this country or that the cases are more florid or medically interesting , simply that , for historical reasons , the delivery of both diagnosis and treatment is better than elsewhere .
8 Which is not to say that it was odious and conceited because it was a feminist .
9 Which is not to say that ethyl alcohol drops do not work — they could help a chemical-sensitive patient by stimulating the liver to produce more detoxification enzymes .
10 Which is not to say that old-fashioned , blue-chip brands do not continue to pull in the plaudits .
11 ( Which is not to say that women are illogical , rather that our notions of logic may be androcentric .
12 Thus a 10-month-old baby who failed to respond to its name , or to betray signs of recognition towards its mother , twin sister , or even its rattle , might well give therapists cause for concern ; which is not to say that the normal baby , who does succeed in reacting appropriately , is thereby yet self -conscious .
13 It is enough to mount a convincing argument , in this instance by someone who is prepared to get dirty hands for her convictions ; which is not to say that she must convince everyone .
14 Which is not to say that the nuclear powers should simply bang away at will .
15 The idea is of some set of things which was required for the occurrence of the effect , which is not to say that the set includes all the things prior to the effect that were required for it .
16 Predictably , the terse prose of Hemingway is found to lack the transformational complexities typical of Faulkner : which is not to say that Hemingway is innocent of transformations , only that he tends to use transformations of a different kind .
17 We can hardly begin to discuss a novel without summarising or assuming a knowledge of its story or plot ; which is not to say that the story or plot is the only or even the main reason for our interest in a novel , but that this is the fundamental principle of its structure .
18 These responses are now of uniformly high quality , which is not to say that they always endorse the views of the Select Committee , but they show that the Government has thought seriously about what the Committee has argued .
19 There is no one solution to sociology 's empirical reference , no clear idea as to whether there ever could be , no one canonical method for all sociological research , and no one conception of data : data are whatever a researcher can make useful for meeting his/her research objectives , aims or problems , which is not to say that just any old thing will do .
20 However , he always retained control over the issues that he regarded as most important ( which is not to say that they were necessarily the most important in an objective sense ) .
21 There can therefore be little doubt that , in general , sexual assaults constitute a substantially more serious form of harm than mere property offences — which is not to deny that some forms of theft or destruction of property can be more serious than some minor sexual assaults .
22 This seems close to what Williams says , in the above quotation , that rights are to be understood as ‘ assuring expectations ’ of which animals are incapable ( which is not to deny that we might have such expectations concerning the treatment of animals ) :
23 Nevertheless it is an utterance of the Amis who has made himself known on other occasions , and it can be none the worse for being read by those who are able and disposed to pay intelligent attention to this range of information — which is not to imply that the information may not be disastrously misunderstood .
24 But dumb animals are incapable of considering themselves in this light ; which is not to imply that human beings always do , only that they can normally be expected to if required .
25 But rather that in the incarnation God in Christ took on humanity ( the universal ) ; which is not to imply that he did not have particularities , which indeed one has to have to be human .
26 Barthes 's S/Z brings the reader into particular prominence first in its concept of the scriptible that calls for active involvement on the part of the reader in the production of the text ( which is not to forget that in Critique et vérité Barthes had already described the critic as someone who has actively to produce a meaning for the polysemic text ) ; and second , in its thoroughly intertextual view of literature .
27 This is , undoubtedly , an important precursor of rational service-level planning , although it is not to say that the service infrastructure will necessarily develop from individual service plans .
28 It is not to deny that some culturally elaborated behaviour can usefully be explained from a biological perspective .
29 When I suggest that women have a strong ability to communicate with each other and form a collective body , it is not to imply that the individual should lose herself entirely in this .
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