Example sentences of "[pron] be [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 I am also assuming that you will be with us on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June .
2 I am not saying that unpleasantly : I am just recognising that there is a philosophical divide between us .
3 I am just saying that we have no other alternative .
4 I am here to ensure that the laws of the land are obeyed . ’
5 I am immensely gratified that those who participate in the activities of co-operation between the RUC and Garda Siochana say that the quality of co-operation is at its highest point for 30 years .
6 I am reliably assured that King 's College Chapel in Cambridge , which has stood as steady as a rock for the past 450 years , could never be built today because the design would never be accepted under the safety limits of the building regulations !
7 Navy blue high-heeled shoes and earrings completed the ensemble and I am reliably informed that the skirt was the ‘ new length ’ , i.e. above the knee .
8 I am reliably informed that the mighty Australian earns 10 million dollars a year and that while he chooses to live in America , he buys his snooker cue and table in England because the English , apparently , still produce the best in that line .
9 ‘ And I am reliably informed that makes him dependable , trustworthy — and loyal unto death ! ’
10 I AM reliably told that the AUSTRALIAN RUGBY UNION has eventually accepted the tour itinerary of Ireland and Wales as initially suggested .
11 I am repeatedly told that all the fuss is being caused by a vociferous minority of licensees .
12 I am simply denying that God ( whatever we may mean by God ) could be of such a kind that God could intervene in human history , or be revealed through particular events in history , or through a particular person , in a way in which God is not potentially present to us in and through all acts and persons .
13 I am simply arguing that Brooke-Rose 's analyses point toward her later use of what she herself describes as ‘ metaphor ’ at the level of discourse .
14 I am equally persuaded that the development of certain ‘ genres ’ of art ( the drama with the ancient Greeks , or the novel , with Dostoyevsky or Joyce ) have opened up possibilities which certainly did not exist earlier .
15 I 'm talking about saving human life governments over the last twenty years , troops over the last twenty years , policemen over the last twenty years , laws over the last twenty years , and politicians , including myself , have all failed in all the efforts that we 've made including condemnation of violence , everything , but I am now saying that this dialogue is the best hope I 've seen or , surely I 'm entitled to say to the Prime Minister , alright given that I have said that why do n't you put me to the test ?
16 I am now told that he 's hawking her story around for a six-figure sum , ’ he writes in the 100,000-circulation journal , which is read mainly by journalists , stock-brokers and media personalities .
17 I am only suggesting that you take a little time off , shall we say , until you are quite well again ? "
18 I think I am only saying that anyone who has followed the history of this controversy over the last twenty years will already see reason to think that the friction produced by quarrelling among good causes is enormous and it is a luxury that we simply can not afford .
19 If you play professional tennis , then it is even more important to have good technique because I am always saying that in a draw of 64 or 128 people , they are all watching how you play and of course they will find out what is happening with your game .
20 Personally , I am much encouraged that in response to pressure the Bill was amended to make it flexible enough to accommodate pupils ' special educational needs .
21 She is my responsibility and I am merely suggesting that you may want to go home .
22 I am merely arguing that the role in science attributed to observation statements by the inductivist is incorrect .
23 I do not wish to convey a sense of complacency ; I am merely saying that the Northern Ireland economy has done very much better in the latest recession — and would have done better still had it not been for the appalling IRA atrocities that make inward investment so difficult .
24 I am therefore recommending that each Senior Assistant within Council Tax should be responsible for a team of staff dealing with all aspects of Council Tax for a geographic area .
25 I am absolutely determined that this should not happen again .
26 After the closest and most detailed scrutiny , I am absolutely persuaded that that will be achieved .
27 Coun Joan Wade said : ‘ I am absolutely fuming that our young people are missing out again , ’ referring to the Radio One Roadshow , with Jakki Brambles and special guests , that will be broadcast from Stewart Park , and broadcasts from Middlesbrough Arena .
28 I am greatly touched that she thinks of me and remembers me even in the state of forgetfulness of human affairs in which she now finds herself .
29 I 'm strongly thinking that at
30 I 'm simply saying that because of the nature of our interest in guitars and playing , that 's the way it is .
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