Example sentences of "[pron] be [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 She 's doing no harm here , and I 'm company for her . ’
2 " Whatever it was you said to him has caused him to cancel the work I was doing for him .
3 ‘ What will you be doing for her ? ’
4 Fr. indicates that for St Paul and for us this poses three questions : ( 1 ) Who is Jesus ? ( 2 ) Who is Jesus for me ? ( 3 ) Who am I ?
5 She was larger than life , she had seen the world , she was game for anything , she was jolly and vibrant , spoke her mind ; all in all , she was fun to be with .
6 When I was in Moscow , my grandmother was with me and everything that I wanted she was doing for me and I was a little girl who had everything .
7 ‘ If he had any idea of what she was doing for us , MoD does n't want it spread around .
8 Much of the time the principal performers were not even aware of what we were doing for them .
9 There are advantages for everyone , and most of all for the pupils , in making the transition from class teaching in the primary school to specialist teaching in the secondary school a gradual rather than a sudden one .
10 Nonetheless there are titles for which more than one source of information needs to be consulted — either because the titles are borderline choices , and/or because one source does not give all the information needed .
11 But there are professionals for whom this is a daily task , for them Trend have made an adjustable letter box template .
12 It sets out to show that there are comics for everyone from political exposes to baroque fantasies , from toilet humour to cartoon confessionals .
13 Kaleida will initially be housed at Apple 's headquarters , but there are plans for it to be relocated to Silicon Valley later in the year .
14 Do you think you say there are difficulties for everyone , are you aware of any way in which erm men make it difficult for you , as a women , in a career sense ?
15 At the moment there are difficulties for everybody .
16 This belief , expressed in the legal doctrine of novus actus interruptus , is that a person is responsible for his own actions , and others are not responsible even if they induced his action by suggesting that there are reasons for it , or by behaving in ways which led him to form such a belief .
17 I hope that my hon. Friend understands that , although it is unusual to contribute at this point in the debate , there are reasons for it .
18 This boy is clearly highly disturbed and there are dangers for him in either of the options which were open to the justices to make the order or to refuse it .
19 Now there are calls for him to resign .
20 Erm what we get for the money , and erm where there are possibilities for us to consider reducing that overhead .
21 There are situations for which we humans are responsible , either by neglect or corporate selfishness .
22 There are applications for which a generative grammar would be better suited than a probabilistic one .
23 When I am finished , everything is in its place , and there are places for everything .
24 ( There are prizes for anyone who can remember them working . )
25 Venus will be in the area of love and relationships in January , June , July and November , so there are opportunities for you to find happiness and fulfilment this year .
26 There are addresses for them .
27 Obviously there are issues for which the pondering of moral principles will from the start play a much bigger part than the one which confronts the traveller .
28 The stress on Levi 's insensitivity to religion is allowed to suggest that all Jews are religious , and there are readers for whom this might signal the corollary that all Jews are Zionists , and are likely to be supporters of Israeli government policy .
29 There are developers for whom a building is not just another source of profit and who want to be good patrons .
30 There are ways for me to hide .
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