Example sentences of "[pron] be [noun] [prep] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I find it stimulating to air ideas with a variety of people , many of whom are experts in their field . ’
2 Does my hon. Friend agree that all those involved in the work on the power station , many of whom are constituents of mine , deserve great credit for the fact that it is proceeding so well ?
3 In fact , one in three new ventures in the USA is started by people under thirty — the majority of whom are graduates in their early twenties .
4 And , in our English language we actually make this mistake when we talk about birthdays French , in some ways are for more sensible with language , and you only ever have one birthday , the rest of them are anniversaries of your birthday .
5 ‘ Mes enfants , ’ said the small Belgian person , ‘ chers collègues , I am enchanté by your successes .
6 I lie so close to the earth that I am part of it and so it is mine .
7 BELVILLE : I did intend what you call the worst , but if I am master of myself and my own resolution , I find I love you beyond all your sex , and on my honour I will not attempt to force you to anything again .
8 I am aswirl with him , with his pre-empting , his blackballing genes …
9 I am bone of her bone
10 I am bone of her bone ,
11 But I am victim of my own background .
12 I am dust to you , Joe , no more than mouldering bones … ’
13 She 's doing no harm here , and I 'm company for her . ’
14 Yeah he goes I 'm I 'm pot on his head
15 ‘ Not a bit , it 's just that I do n't tell anything , you see , and the Community likes that , they feel I 'm part of them .
16 Listen to the slosh-slosh-slosh , feel the rocking motion floating through me as if I 'm part of it — close my eyes — I 'm on my rocking chair and I 'm …
17 So , you see , I 've entered , as completely as I can , the scene on my postcard ; I 'm part of it .
18 I 'm Emma with her silly little clever-clever theories of love and marriage , and love is something that comes in different clothes , with a different way and different face , and perhaps it takes a long time for you to accept it , to be able to call it love .
19 No I do , I 'm friends with her , I do know her well .
20 I know , you see him , he 's walking and you see him , he 's going ruff , ruff and she 's going and I thought , no , man , I do n't care if I 'm friends with her no I 'm not going near her with the dog .
21 I 'm captain of my club this year right ?
22 Oh I 'd I 'd like to be a a delegate at conference but I ca n't be a candidate this year cos I 'm captain of my and I think I 'll be a bit busy anyway to be honest doing press work .
23 No , I 'm sort of I think he confused himself as well as confusing me slightly
24 ‘ Your mother and I were friends from our schooldays .
25 I was friends with him for a week and he was very eloquent .
26 I was Ronni to everyone before I could even walk . ’
27 And I was chairman of it for about six years or so before the council broke up .
28 I was seconds behind you , entering the hole , but I 've only just arrived .
29 I admit I was party to their tricks for a while but in Brittany the Luciferi began to remove , through assassination or spurious trials , any who opposed the French crown .
30 " Whatever it was you said to him has caused him to cancel the work I was doing for him .
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