Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] be [vb pp] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 There are , of course , many schools other than those listed in the appendix , and also a great many private coaches , all of whom may be found in the publication Contacts , a trade book everyone interested in joining the profession should obtain from the office of The Spotlight , 42–43 Cranbourn St , London WC2H 7AP .
2 In future , these matters will not be decided here because responsibility for many of them may be transferred to Europe . ’
3 Variants of ( Ε ) and ( o ) do not form a continuum along a single linear scale , but each of them may be said to be part of one or more subscales which can be constructed on , for example , the continua of roundness , or backness or length .
4 The sites now considered to illustrate undefended settlements have been chosen at random since it would have required much research and fieldwork to have presented a comprehensive list in time for this Conference ; attention is merely drawn to a number of sites with the hope that they , and others like them may be studied in more detail by local efforts .
5 Those who subscribe to them and are honoured by reference to them may be thought of with contempt by those for whom the underlife is the serious basis of social living .
6 These items are all connected , and any of them may be used as analogies or homologies for each other .
7 Nine of them may be attributed to petitioners .
8 They 'd been duped into believing the gag ( nothing may be published without sanction from Lord 's ) protected them .
9 Perhaps some indication of how this reacted on me may be gleaned from memory , One of the medical wing commanders at the hospital — H.E .
10 With the obvious exception of Clement Freud [ Note : that 's Sir Clement Freud who said on our 150th anniversary , ‘ I would do nothing for Punch except cheer for its demise . ’ ] , everyone must be saddened by this week 's news .
11 In 1666 a law was passed that everyone must be buried in wool .
12 Quality Control activities can be very costly , and since they represent an overhead cost in the production area , the degree of time and resources spent on them must be related to factors such as price , consistency , safety and legal requirements , for example .
13 In this discussion we shall have to make frequent use of the terms cost and expenses of production ; and some provisional account of them must be given before proceeding further .
14 Similarly , although the smallness of the samples of 16th , 17th , and 18th Century publications in need of repair means that conclusions about them must be treated with some caution , it is worth noting that if all pre-1800 items are treated as a group and the proportion of them allocated to each of Categories 3–5 calculated , their pattern of distribution ( ‘ Poor' 78% ; ‘ Bad ’ 18% ; ‘ Fragile ’ 7% ) comes close to matching that already established for all defective items .
15 Unfortunately , anyone phoning who wants to buy shiny tights with the word ‘ climb ’ on them must be referred to The Samaritans .
16 These are only a few of the choices before them , but even these are very difficult to prioritize and at times some of them must be sacrificed at the expense of others in this play .
17 The whole question of an adequate income in retirement can be achieved , and changes necessary to enable them must be worked at .
18 I see no more reason why everyone should read the ‘ classic ’ English novels than why everyone should be acquainted with ‘ classic ’ English paintings or music .
19 No-one should be fooled by the small fluctuation in this month 's unemployment figures as they are being claimed by the Government themselves as possibly erratic .
20 Initial enquiries about the content of the data and access to them should be made to either Professor John Fox at City University or Ken Fogelman at the National Children 's Bureau .
21 Any unusual features should be noted and the response to them should be made by an appropriately qualified and experienced person .
22 HP-style credit is really money lent to buy things — and credit agreements which left the lenders any rights to take possession of things bought under them should be seen as if those things had been bought on mortgage ( ‘ chattel mortgages ’ ) ;
23 Blank pages with two broad margins drawn on them should be inserted for the day 's notes .
24 The audience and readership profiles of the various media will help to ermine which of them should be included on your list 1 which can be safely left out .
25 His zeal for the American design had even extended to the suggestion that a batch of them should be sold to the Shah of Iran .
26 For many years it was supposed that nothing should be revealed about the bargainer 's intentions .
27 Clearly this would mean that nothing should be done with respect to the EEC which was legally irrevocable .
28 Nothing should be done to further trade with the Iranian Government until that fatwa is lifted from the shoulders of Salman Rushdie .
29 Of course there would be some non-contentious business , perhaps quite a lot ; but even then , there must also be the reservation that nothing should be disclosed by the one group to the other which might prejudice its case when the business was contentious .
30 The Scots will not now name their squad until today but nothing should be read into the delay .
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