Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] be [prep] be " in BNC.

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1 If the mind is so conceived that its relation to the world can only be a causal one , then to perceive something must be to be causally affected by it .
2 But , however many ways there may be of being alive , it is certain that there are vastly more ways of being dead , or rather not alive .
3 Whatever other reasons may have existed — and however unpleasant it may be to be reminded of it — this is the same reason used in Germany in the 1930s .
4 Oh how wonderful it must be to be an indie musician !
5 How wonderful it must be to be a great artist like Mr Beaumont or a musician like Mr Fergus or even a teacher like half the church .
6 I used to wonder just what the kestrel was looking at , what it was thinking , and I 'd imagine how wonderful it must be to be suspended in mid-air , looking down on the Earth as it was .
7 ‘ I was thinking how very unpleasant it must be to be shot . ’
8 But just for a moment she had felt the weight of emptiness , she had felt how it must be to be shut away down here , bereft of even human companionship , away from the light , losing count of the days .
9 He thought about how it might be to be , say , a fox confronted with an angry sheep .
10 How valuable it would be to be able to reconstruct what the site looked like while excavation was in progress .
11 What a deprivation it would be to be blind !
12 Yeah I mean obviously you 're not gon na instantly assume that every that says he fancies you is just joking , no obviously you 're not gon na assume that and I understand how easy it would be to be mislead but then on the other hand it makes me think , you know , you know with people like Ch you know
13 The three of us could go to seven o'clock Mass on Friday morning then it would be like being at Nuptial Mass for her . ’
14 But when we took it over the , one of the first things we did was to redesign the kitchen because the soup was made in these great boiler and it was probably heated up every day of the week and can imagine what it would be like being in prison .
15 It would be like being a student .
16 But it will be like being in a gale of light , after this black hole .
17 It will be like being with somebody else .
18 I know your mother scoffs at social life but I do n't think she realizes what pleasure she is missing , how delightful it can be to be among amusing people . ’
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