Example sentences of "[pron] [vb past] at the time " in BNC.

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1 The truth is that as painters and as a man and a woman , they were engaged , during these years , in the same adventure which turned out to be more fatal than either of them realised at the time .
2 Last year there was at least the argument that high interest rates were about getting inflation down ( a view I disputed at the time ) .
3 I write now as I found at the time .
4 All along , as I reported at the time , Sarah had wanted to take her baby with her .
5 I assumed at the time that he was crying for the garden and what he 'd done to it .
6 It was , I assumed at the time , perfect love .
7 Yet I seemed at the time to be thinking rationally , to be making common-sense plans .
8 The only clue ( and one I ignored at the time ) , was Selkirk 's interest in the Abbey of St Denis to the north of the city .
9 I believed at the time that I more or less grasped the metaphorical implications of this , but after I had put the phone down I found I was not as clear as I should have hoped to be about exactly what was required of me in concrete practical terms .
10 It is , as I noted at the time , a peculiar fact that most laymen who have had responsibility for the health service have interested themselves personally to a preponderant extent in the case of the mentally afflicted , both the mentally ill and the mentally handicapped .
11 Anyway , I paid at the time .
12 I agree that the effect of Spitting Image 's caricature on Steel 's relationship with Owen was such that , as I commented at the time of the collapse of the Alliance , it was the only television programme that could claim to have brought down not just one but two political parties simultaneously .
13 I may not have understood everything I heard at the time , but later it all slotted into place .
14 I coped at the time but now , five years on , I feel guilty and resentful about the whole affair .
15 The thing has little music & little choiceness of words , but I fancied at the time it was genuine enough .
16 In an effort to combat the isolation and fear I felt at the time , I sought out a number of parents in similar situations to my own ; we had to create our own support systems .
17 I honestly ca n't remember how I felt at the time — I think I was just shocked .
18 I felt at the time , that if such a Call sere presented I should have great difficulty , indeed , in declining it , even in the face of much inconvenience and pecuniary sacrifice .
19 If the Thamesdown one did n't , er , the officers for their own reasons have separated out this particular er , activity , erm , and I felt at the time that it was unreasonable to give a hundred percent funding to er , most C A B's but not to one .
20 I know now , although I think I knew at the time , why one was so cared for by the ordinary people of Bury in 1941 .
21 ‘ But I knew at the time that I felt I had something to offer and that 's why I wanted to come back and be a manager again .
22 I knew at the time it would probably come to nothing , ’ he said .
23 He wrote a few letters on my behalf and I just did n't think he was for me because of what I saw at the time .
24 I looked at the time and saw that it was a new world record , so I thought that I , too , must have run fast .
25 I looked at the time .
26 I looked at the time .
27 I thought at the time : ‘ Is Sinn really conceivable with no Bedeutung at all ? ' ’
28 I thought at the time it was a crazy thing to agree to and early events seemed to confirm this .
29 The bar was like a cruise ship passing through the tropics without , I thought at the time , quite the same sexual charge .
30 ‘ It was worth doing , or so I thought at the time .
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