Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [verb] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 As for the class of goods , where commercial goods are concerned the party acquiring them presumably has some expertise in relation to them which gives him the capability to assess their quality or to understand if he needs to call in an expert assessor , so that less protection should be required in this case .
2 He said Apscore was one of the first companies to port its products to the Pick look-alike databases UniVerse and UniData , and now the Sun agreement will let them better support these products on Sun hardware .
3 Doing nothing only sawing all day .
4 When he walked in I thought , You can take me dirty dancing any day of the week .
5 I rarely find much satisfaction in debating harder abstractions or metaphysical teasers with him .
6 I duly put this plan to Eliot , who , to my mild surprise , did not seem to regard it as so fanciful an idea as I had anticipated .
7 In all my life there have been very few occasions when I badly wanted more money and that was one of them , because on my wage of three shillings a day as an AC2 I was unable to drape her with expensive clothes .
8 I badly needed more money , so the take-over could not come too quickly as far as I was concerned .
9 After some further outside tests and a fair amount of soul-searching , I eventually bought this detector and the 10.5in accessory coil .
10 I vigorously condemn all violence directed at people or property , ’ the secretary of state for the sea , Charles Josselin , said in a statement .
11 The real world has long left behind the age when old so-and-so could decide ‘ I rather like this slogan ’ or ‘ My constituents think we ought to do such and such ’ without that ‘ feeling ’ being backed up by professional research and experience .
12 I do n't know , if you 're like me but , I must confess , I I get er , I would n't say pleasure , but I rather like those incidents where he tells the disciples off , not because he 's telling them off , but because I can fit in wi with what they 've been up to !
13 I merely by-pass those nerve-ends .
14 I better leave this pools money out .
15 And , I better get this dinner out .
16 I better get another bottle of that er
17 I better get another knife .
18 I personally welcome that change .
19 Mansel Jones , Hillhouse International power station manager , said : ‘ I personally feel this law is a positive move .
20 I personally beg all mothers to insist that their governments work towards this end .
21 We made a start today with the notion that seems to me most central to our inquiry — the one with which , as it happens , I personally have most difficulty .
22 As a student I obviously do many activities during school hours .
23 On the hon. Lady 's second point , yes , I entirely support such schemes .
24 I entirely reject that suggestion .
25 I foolishly sent this medal home .
26 I only ask this question because devotees of this composer have probably never been in a better position to acquire a good cross-section of his output on disc .
27 And he said well just get yourself home and tell your father that I want it paid for this time because I only replaced that glass last week , which he had
28 The frontispiece from a copy of the music from the Peer Gynt suite by Grieg was a beautiful piece of artwork even before it was decorated , so I only arranged some flowers in two of the corners , rather than all the way round , which would have overpowered the original design .
29 I only put that dress on to cover up some bad drawing .
30 I only got this book last week .
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