Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] [verb] a [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Not all Thom 's conclusions are fully accepted , but to understand them properly requires a knowledge of mathematics , statistics , surveying , astronomy , and archaeology — not a common combination .
2 The tale that tickled me most concerns a trip to England — a country which Rollins caricatures as a pissing-with-rain hell hole populated entirely by spotty Morrissey-worshipping wimps who eat nothing but fish and potatoes smeared with grease .
3 Arboreal rodents , primates , and many other mammals take to the trees as an escape route and the majority of them rarely risk a descent to the ground unless it is vitally necessary .
4 Nothing so unfits a woman for producing good work , or for living usefully .
5 It is said that nothing so concentrates a man 's mind as the knowledge that he is to be hanged in the morning .
6 Organizations are arenas within which some things will tend to hang together and be adopted by power-players as a bundle , while other forms of combination may be far less likely to occur as a coherent package , perhaps because they are less coherent or because the alliance which could make them so lacks a position in the field of power to be able to constitute the necessity of its choices .
7 ‘ These service industries can provide a better short-term financial return but real sustainable growth must be founded on manufacturing industries which add real value to raw materials by combining them together to form a product for which people are prepared to pay a premium , ’ he added .
8 ‘ To do that , you take a lot of identical molecules called amines and join them together to form a chain .
9 You wired them together to make a kind of pyramid .
10 ‘ Promise me only to stay a week . ’
11 I loosely tossed a swirl of Moroccan curtain over the sofa , slid Act 3 of Orfeo onto the revolving mat , lit an Al Akhbar joss-stick , and left it at that .
12 I rarely saw a lesson in which the students had not gone to some considerable length to vary their material and their activities to take account of the level of the class , the length of the lesson and the time of day or week .
13 I rarely made a comment on what someone was wearing ; we would sit in a park or café or at home discussing image , beauty , fashion and advertising , and skirt around the more obvious , immediate issues of how we both looked , how we were dressed .
14 I duly sent a copy to Eliot ; and although lie showed interest , I think it possible that he never read it through , as the following letter shows .
15 Accordingly , I duly had a site meeting with Mr. George on 4th June .
16 I badly need a drink and I need to talk to you . ’
17 I badly needed a holiday . ’
18 After some weeks of work in London gathering material from such places as the Canary Wharf Tower , Millbank Tower and the roof of the Economist Building , I eventually spotted a tower block across the Thames from the City which I thought must have an amazing vantage point .
19 I eventually got a chance to read the South Wales Aggregates Working Party 's Regional Commentary which has been sitting on my desk for months .
20 His ring record alone demanded the attention of the BBBC and he believed that : ‘ It was through public opinion that I eventually got a title .
21 so , you know , I looked under the bonnet , I could n't understand it at all tt , er , so I eventually got a lift and got a ride down into Malham and er , went in the telephone box there
22 I eventually saw a specialist who prescribed something to ‘ kick-start ’ my periods .
23 I eventually saw a report about striking miners on American TV .
24 I rather like a lot of the G Plan stuff I like very much .
25 I 'd had no leave and , what with one thing and another , I rather wanted a break .
26 I merely wanted a word with my people who are working on your brother 's papers . ’
27 I randomly tried a number of careers offices , and I received a fax showing the situation in Derbyshire : Alfreton 56 , Derby 832 , Ilkeston 184 , Long Eaton 105 , Matlock 37 , and Swadlincote 103 .
28 I better do a check for gas here .
29 Ooh I better have a grandma as well please ?
30 ‘ Normally I do n't , but jus ’ in case , I better keep a couple . ’
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