Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] been [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Well , do you honestly think the answer would have been the same if I 'd been Norman Ward Westerman or Lord Boddy ? ’
2 If I 'd been fourteen years old I should have commanded one shilling , but being only twelve and a half I got sixpence .
3 If only I 'd been 10 years of age again , I 'd have loved the ‘ Pirates Club ’ .
4 in nineteen thirty and ninety thirty one I won the cup , I 'd been twelve year old then .
5 I 'd been half-hoping Vecchi might show before I sent Laura Channing out to what might develop into target-practice .
6 I read throughout the night , glancing at the bed from where , earlier the same day , I had been certain Francis was watching me .
7 I had been four years at an evangelical theological college but no one had ever put it like that to me .
8 Before I had been lifeless jumble of miscellaneous body parts but now I was Frankenstein 's monster , shocked by lust into coherence and action .
9 Because in my last five years before [ becoming Prime Minister ] I had been Foreign Secretary [ and ] , therefore , away a lot .
10 I 've been one side of the camera for long enough , ’ he smiles .
11 yes , and I , I do n't know whether I 've been that way , I honestly do n't know right then , so you 're all systems go , that 's the main thing
12 She now bent forward towards him and said under her breath , ‘ I 've been married five years , Charles , and I 've been five times pregnant .
13 He has no complaint : ‘ I 've been five years and I think it 's only fair that someone else should have a chance . ’
14 I 've been practising golf for two weeks in Florida and now I ca n't hit the ball properly .
15 I 've been many things in my life , but I 'm not a liar . ’
16 I have to say , in comment to that , I do n't the know the the balance of statistics but I 've been a lone parent for , for ten years now , although I 've I 've pressed button , it was because for ten years of being able to have a stable relationship with my children , I 've got two very stable teenagers and during that , the course of that ten years I 've been disabled person as well , so yes there may be the case that there 's there 's trouble with the children of lone parent families , but I think there 's far too much emphasis on that nowadays !
17 I 've been chief executive and/or chairman for twenty-five years and the tendency is to think you 're indispensable and you have to stay on until you 're seventy-five , as some people do .
18 I 've been thirty years in the business and this is the one place I have been where there are not petty jealousies or anything like that .
19 Steven thinks that just be I only just got in he said , I 'm having my tea and he said there 's no way I 'm gon na do nothing like that at this time of night when I 've been fourteen hours at work So then he stormed off back home again so he said well you 'll have to move it cos it 's obstructing the dual carriageway someone might come round that corner fast and hit it .
20 And erm that 's quite special for me , it 's erm my homeland , where I 've come from , but I 've been twelve years in this vicinity around here , so there is erm if you like , a divided loyalty with the four kids .
21 Erm , but I mean , I 've been true Co-op through and through erm
22 I 've been busy gardening .
23 I 've been difficult material to work with , have n't I ? ’
24 Within the last ten years , I 've been ten years activ actively concerned with the old aged pensioners ' association and er the Labour movement .
25 ‘ I 've not been that well myself , ’ she said , ‘ I 've been worried sick about ye . ’
26 I 've been worried sick about you .
27 'Cos I 've been this morning and I 've cleared fireplace out , washed
28 " I 've been back hours . "
29 So — ’ he pointed to the case , saying , ‘ I 've been next door and bought another dozen . ’
30 During the twelve years that I 've been head teacher at this school I have waited for promised improvements at the crossroads , and in particular the Lane junction .
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