Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] been for [adj] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ The improvement and the form suggests it 's the best Welsh pack since the Triple Crown in 1988 , so yes I 'm more optimistic than I 've been for some time ’ , said the 43-year-old ‘ Panther ’ , who is now a schoolmaster in Swansea .
2 I am much slimmer and a better shape than I have been for some time ( or for months , years , etc. ) and I am going to get even slimmer and achieve an even better figure — a figure I never thought I could have .
3 This is the most upbeat I have been for more than a year . ’
4 The trauma underlying religion , which has been for long periods of time forgotten , remaining latent in the unconscious , was also a mixture of sexuality and aggression .
5 As Elisabeth , Rosalind Plowright sounded more secure than she has been for some time on British stages and sang her last aria with true Verdian pathos and passion .
6 She then moved to Bristol City Council where she has been for some months .
7 You 're alright , you , you 've been for fifteen years
8 Harrowby was an eminent politician , who had been for many years MP for Liverpool ; his scientific interests were in geography and statistics .
9 At this moment the King , who had been for some time busily writing in his notebook , called out , ‘ Silence ! ’ and read out from his book , ‘ Rule Forty-Two .
10 Well I said to er one lady who 's been for first time and she thinks it 's marvellous !
11 Well , we have been for some time .
12 erm Listeners will probably know that there has been for many years what 's called the Schools Council , which has looked at erm curriculum matters and examination matters , and a year or so ago it was decided to discontinue the Schools Council , and to replace it by two successor committees , one the School Curriculum Development Committee , which you 've already mentioned and which I chair , and a parallel committee concerned with examinations , the School Examination , sorry the Secondary Examination Council , which is chaired by a mathematician , Sir Wilfred Cockroft .
13 There has been for some time in Africa debate concerning the suitability for the Eucharist of wheat bread and grape wine .
14 There has been for some years a basic agreement that the parliamentary salary should be sufficient to prevent MPs feeling the need to seek supplementary income .
15 It has to be said that there has been for some years within the Labour Party something of a class divide — a working-class element resentful of a middle-class takeover by lawyers and the like .
16 There had been for many years various organizations to co-ordinate Nonconformist work in both political and religious fields and the oldest bodies dated back to the previous century .
17 And that 's moved them no less than three places up the second division table , they 're higher than I think they 've been for many a long day .
18 He and his wife , Nellie , live in a Home in an outer city suburb where they 've been for fifteen months .
19 Most superior buildings also sustained their Palladian principles , but they became less formal : for example , the central salon , the grand reception room of the Palladian house ( Fig. 14 ) , lost some of its ceremonial identity and might even be occupied by a billiard table ; women were no longer debarred from the library , as they had been for much of the previous century .
20 It was in his experience difficult for most people to prove conclusively exactly where they had been for any forty-eight-hour period , members of the Metropolitan police force always excepted , and this was going to make his life very difficult .
21 Maybe they had been for old times the old times that had never really existed .
22 They had been for some ten minutes locked in a close embrace , the length of their bodies pressed together .
23 " Scores of men are in a worse plight than they have been for thirty-seven years past " , admitted Harry Orbell , " The pawnshops are glutted .
24 These will be concerns for his successor as David will take his leave of the Education Department at the end of July and his immediate plans are more leisurely now than they have been for many years .
25 ‘ House repossessions are at no higher rate than they have been for many years , ’ he says .
26 And I do n't think they have been for this last
27 ‘ Present values are lower than they have been for some time , and are sticking .
28 However , those who are unemployed , especially if they have been for some time , may find it is more important to send out as many letters as possible , in the hope of getting some response .
29 The 18th baron , who inherited the title three years ago , has sensibly decided to stay on at the Dower House , where he has been for many years .
30 The 18th baron , who inherited the title three years ago , has sensibly decided to stay on at the Dower House , where he has been for many years .
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