Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] been for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 " I feel worn out , much more than I would if I 'd been for miles on the moor .
2 Such an attitude required fresh springs of energy , and the effect — I was delighted to sense it as I woke each day — was to make me more bouncy and mettlesome than I had been for weeks .
3 ‘ I 'm happier than I 've been for years , ’ she said quietly .
4 I did not mean to say but perhaps it is better I should , therefore only remark that I will speak on the subject in my next , but do not suffer alarms on my account — I am in better health than I have been for years and I hope to get to Sydney and get comfortably settled in good time … ’
5 This process directly undermined the rule of law : ‘ such transference of authority saps the foundation of that rule of law which has been for generations a leading feature of the English constitution . ’
6 She has been for weeks . ’
7 She will stay with the man at whose side she has been for years , Secretary of State James Baker .
8 However , the London season was almost upon them and she was more cheerful than she 'd been for weeks .
9 There 's been more praise for Brian Clough , at the bottom of the League with Forest , than there has been for Norwich manager Mike Walker at the top .
10 And although entitlement caps are not easy to implement , there is more interest in them in Congress than there has been for years , and the interest is being communicated to the administration .
11 The sun 's been shining all week over Hereford : United are on a high , five goals against Colchester was the best news there 's been for years at Edgar Street .
12 They came up to view Heidi 's riding display then I went back with them and Vicki and Malcolm diverted from Barford on the Sunday where they 'd been for lunch and picked me up Sunday afternoon the sort of following weekend .
13 Father and son exchanged looks , in better temper with each other than they 'd been for years .
14 They were both drunker than they 'd been for years .
15 Some of Britain 's rivers are now cleaner than they 've been for years .
16 The longing he 'd kindled within her had been for love — his love .
17 On the contrary , such dispositions of honores and patronage were , as they had been for Charles 's predecessors , crucial instruments of royal power in the regions .
18 Twenty-five years to the day since England beat West Germany 4–2 in extra time at Wembley to win the World Cup for the first time and , so far , only time in a glorious ( etc , etc — the back pages that morning were awash , as they had been for days , with nostalgia and breast-beating and rush-of-blood reminiscence ) footballing history ; the apotheosis of the game , which , according to one writer at the time , ‘ lives like an extra pulse in the people of industrial England . ’
19 But for Nietzsche " art as a whole " and " the Hellenic sphere " were simply not separable , any more than they had been for Winckelmann .
20 It would discourage profit and perhaps take us back to that nadir of Labour party policy when Shirley Williams was able to say with some pride that profit levels were the lowest they had been for years .
21 And trade unions , though obviously weakened by Thatcherism , are indubitably more popular institutions than they have been for decades .
22 Persian rugs still possess an undoubted mystique , and are generally more expensive than those from other countries , but price differentials have been steadily eroding , and they are now generally cheaper in comparison to rugs from other countries than they have been for decades .
23 If they 're offered , as they have been for years and years ever since the industrial revolution , things that have been cynically designed for the working classes , is it surprising that we have a nation of people who are supposed to have no visual standards ?
24 ‘ They are fiercer than they have been for years , right back to what they used to be , ’ he said .
25 Couples is a naturally high flighter of the ball and that , together with his length , is an advantage at Augusta , particularly since everyone seems to agree that the greens are firmer than they have been for years .
26 FARM policy reforms agreed by EC members leave farming industry prospects brighter than they have been for years , Agriculture Minister John Gummer told the Commons last night .
27 It 's also a relaxed , romantic ad for Bill S , more alive here than he has been for decades .
28 It has been for years .
29 That is the way he conducts his business and that is the way it has been for centuries . ’
30 So it has been for centuries , yet the multi-petalled bloom of modern times , epitomized by the modern Hybrid Tea rose ( or , as it is abbreviated , H.T. ) and probably most people 's mental image of all that a rose is and should be , is a product of modern hybridizing and cross-breeding that did not exist even as recently as medieval times .
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