Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Nerves got the better of me and only when Les Cox stopped me to go for another take did I realise I 'd got my letters mixed up and had inadvertently said : ‘ Will you switch these sans off please ?
2 Canan and her boss know exactly what to expect from each other : ‘ It 's far easier for me to work for another Turk because I can talk about pay rates and things like that more openly .
3 In any case she had not expected that her role in the assessment would be limited to receiving information back from an EWO : ‘ We did n't ask for it [ the assessment ] — it was the education system who said it should be done — if I accept them into my home I do n't expect them to disappear for twelve months , if they invited themselves in . ’
4 They 've got together to form a barter scheme , using a special currency which allows them to work for each other without REAL money changing hands .
5 Detailed studies of particular artefacts direct attention to the varying complexity involved in manufacturing items , many of them designed for specific functions .
6 Everyone looks for different types of friends at different ages .
7 That 's what everyone applying for that job will pitch .
8 He made me wait for two years .
9 She seemed so happy and positive and the thing that made me opt for that hospital was when she said , ‘ Childbirth is the woman 's experience , we 're just here to back you up . ’
10 If you have any recipes that work particularly well , please let me know for future editions of this book .
11 ‘ There is nothing to stop them applying for other nights , but there is no guarantee that they will get them .
12 In 1938 I was offered a programme with full rehearsal and that I accepted , though when it came to the time I asked for separate section rehearsals — first strings , then winds — which met with some opposition , particularly as the orchestra was convinced that it knew the music already .
13 yes that was at quarter past eight Saturday morning and at ten to eight my aunty came at night and went fucking mad she said I want a dressing and I want it now , twelve hours ago I asked for that dressing and were n't done then came
14 I asked for certain research facilities and I got them .
15 My searches even led me to the absurdity of being directed to the deep freeze in one newsagent when I asked for Spare Rib .
16 I asked for professional counselling which I did n't get . ’
17 I asked for one ticket and paid for it , then I watched him ask for the same and fish down inside his carrier bag and bring out a ten pound note .
18 I asked for special leave and borrowed the eighty pounds for a short-term return ticket on the letter-mail route to the UK .
19 I asked for more money because of Zadak : I wanted to give him money for rain .
20 I asked for more work — anything to keep my mind occupied .
21 And when I say I asked for more polenta , you will know that we were dealing with an intake situation of Road to Damascus proportions .
22 I asked for 15 rehearsals for the Benvenuto Cellini in Geneva ( in February ) and both the orchestra manager and the intendant at the house thought I was crazy .
23 I then asked rather than erm wait for er Dr to come back , er we changed onto a different product which did n't involve conductivity but before doing that , I asked for ten pallets of to be run off with the nutrient mix reduced from two K Gs per metre to one point five K Gs per metre .
24 I asked for some children to work with me .
25 Erm now councillor and I asked for this matter to be brought to this chamber because erm we felt that the matter w was important enough that all members of this council should have an opportunity to debate it .
26 Right , that 's the end of that then , so let's move on to the projected sales reports I asked for last time .
27 And I applied for that job , and I got it .
28 It is rather like something that I used to do as a young groundsman coming up through the ranks , when I applied for vacant jobs all over the place , the bigger and more prestigious the place the better , and more often than not without the slightest intention of taking the job if it had been offered !
29 The Opposition replied , ’ That was 10 years ago ’ , to which my hon. Friend the Member for Teignbridge ( Mr. Nicholls ) , whom I commend for this observation , said , that 10 years was a very long time for the Leader of the Opposition and 10 minutes was about the average length of every policy that he had put forward .
30 It follows that I award for this period of care by the plaintiff 's parents the sum of fifteen thousand pounds which equates to an award of three pounds hourly for five thousand hours .
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