Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [pron] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 In practice , there might be situations of doubt ; a man might claim that there was nothing to alert him to the girl 's age ( e.g. a 15-year-old girl , who looks much older , soliciting in a street with other prostitutes ) .
2 That was a nice picture — Marie liked it I think , cos she did n't mind me sticking it on the wall .
3 Boys pouring into the room below , laughing , chattering , me seeing them through the crack .
4 IBM Corp started relaxing its strict accounting practices way back in 1984 , just as the company 's core mainframe business began to lose its impetus , although no-one realised it at the time .
5 I was anxious to settle the terms of the contract with M. Chaillot and , because I wanted to avoid being cornered by him in Passy , I suggested to Jean-Claude that he make an appointment for me to see him at the radio , mid-morning , on a date when I had a luncheon appointment .
6 FERDINAND … . my imagination will carry me To see her in the shameful act of sin … .
7 Two explosions in quick succession made me throw myself to the ground .
8 And Dr Carrington had particularly asked me to disconnect him from the ventilator .
9 ‘ Here , let me shield you from the wind . ’
10 No-one seeing her on the move , rushing headlong through drear fuming tunnels , would really note the missing arms and absent tail , the sealed face , the scarlet sash .
11 Now the thing that worries me is that the N R A and our linkage with them is I do n't think it 's early days for them and they have n't got the the power and the erm law behind them to enforce it as the way which I think most of us would like to think of have a erm erm an organization tha that can in fact start bringing the law in that if people fail to do what they say erm so that aspect I think I now Chris also mentioned this erm tilting in West Sussex and again that mentioned in the structure plan , because I six mill a year but in ten years that 's two and a half inches .
12 The point dogs catch him and one of them nips him on the leg — take that for being more popular with the boss .
13 Keith Lascelles took my hand , squeezing it reassuringly as he led me across the stage , up the wide stairway dividing the orchestra , and left me to arrange myself on the rostrum .
14 He sang If You Were the Only Girl in the World and he sang Help Me Make It Through the Night .
15 As I do not , as a rule , take alcohol , the one glass of sherry I had with lunch enabled me to enjoy myself with the other guests .
16 On the day Sir Hubert arrived in Rangoon he sent for me to thank me for the way in which this delicate matter had been handled .
17 If an employer does not prevent them availing themselves of the opportunity to learn business secrets how can he later seek to restrain an employee from using the same information .
18 In December 1757 he tried to excuse himself ‘ as my abode is at such distance from the place where the Royal Society hold their weekly meetings as to render it not only inconvenient , but unsafe for me to attend them in the winter season. , A month later Ellis countered with , ‘ I scarce think it possible that Mr. Miller should have no one friend in the Society to send him word and , indeed , I had told Rivington to tell Miller I would be glad to discuss the matter at Fulham , and Miller ignored it . ’
19 What 's probably happening is that you are trying to tell them you are annoyed but also saying you still want them to like you at the same time .
20 then go on to the ones you marked as " different " and listen to them read one after the other .
21 Everyone pats themselves on the back and goes home . ’
22 Let me introduce you to the world of press releases .
23 Let me introduce you to the class .
24 Scientific research is usually carried out by a team of scientists , often from several disciplines who work together , each of whom contributing something to the whole .
25 Erm , if erm , if one of them contradicted me in the class , I burst into tears , I think you 'd think something was seriously wrong with me , would n't you ?
26 He had a feeling that Maidstone mentioned them to vindicate himself in the eyes of others .
27 Crilly tells me to meet him at the Hope and Vixen in half an hour .
28 He tells me to meet him at the magistrates ' court the following morning , tells me to keep away from the scumbags .
29 ‘ It told me to meet him by the Princess Alice in Forest Gate , ’ he recalls .
30 I carry with me the tattered remnants of this psychic structure : there is no way of not working hard , nothing in the end but an endurance that will allow me to absorb everything by the way of difficulty , holding on to the grave .
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