Example sentences of "[pron] [noun] of [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 The Kings Head has welcomed its share of celebrities over the year , including Turner , whilst working on his painting of Easby Abbey , Franz Liszt , who arrive late to play in the ballroom , and , more recently , Val Doonican .
2 The government 's pursuit of mass home ownership , and its liberalisation of controls over private sector development , have encouraged a building boom which represents a serious threat to the countryside .
3 Gresham 's School , Holt have made their contribution of players over the years and they are the current holders of the Henry Griserson trophy for the side which most impressed the XL Club by its performance on and off the field in 1991 .
4 Rodrigo strove mightily not to offend his Moorish subjects , especially in Valencia which became his base of operations over the succeeding months .
5 He slung his cloak of feathers over the staff and Scathach helped him to sit down in the slight shelter that this garment offered .
6 While a sleep-deprived subject at the Walter Reed Institute was able to respond as quickly in a simple reaction-time task as when rested , his pattern of responses over an extended series of trials , with the experimenter determining when stimuli were to be presented , would include an increasing number of very slow responses .
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