Example sentences of "[art] [noun sg] of [noun] over " in BNC.

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1 That would certainly make a welcome change , since the weakness of trade over the last year or so has clearly deepened the recession .
2 The British Broadcasting Corporation has extended its 30-year relationship with ICL Plc with two new contracts for the provision of services over the next six years : first , ICL 's CFM facilities management subsidiary will run the Beeb 's mainframe bureau operation in Feltham , West London on ICL Series 39 SX mainframes ; second , the BBC is taking advantage of ICL 's Open Hire agreement in its move to a distributed Unix computing environment .
3 In 1940 , Thomson was considered as one of the portraitists , but his deafness was considered enough to disqualify him , and the post went to Eric Kennington who however resigned in 1942 over criticism of the ‘ violence ’ of his portraits , and now without an explanation for the change of heart over his deafness Thomson was appointed to succeed him .
4 First , it kept the school-leaver within the realms of dependence , emphasizing the need for guidance and employment advice ; and , secondly , it led to the eruption of a lively dispute between the Board of Education and the Board of Trade over which department should have final authority for adolescent workers in the administration of the Labour Exchanges Act 1909 .
5 Does the Prime Minister accept responsibility for the chaos and confusion at the heart of Governments over the Poll Tax ?
6 Moreover , the committee , to be commended for having conducted its extensive researches and drawn its conclusions within a few months , has the advantage of immediacy over the Clark and Palmer committees , which sat over so long a period , in a rapidly changing environment , that eventually no one who was still able to recall the original brief was sure whether it was still relevant to the prevailing situation .
7 The advantage of fondant over royal icing for covering cakes is that it is much easier and quicker to make , is more pliable and has a softer texture that many people prefer .
8 The advantage of CISCs over RISCs , however , is the ability to transfer software from one machine to a more complex , faster model as most manufacturers provide customers with object code and not the source code .
9 Those who tend to see the eighteenth century as above all " the Age of Wesley " usually bring a good deal of retrospectivity to their view of the rise of Methodism over a period at the end of which Methodists were still not especially numerous in the nation as a whole .
10 Tory MPs on the brink of rebellion over Council Tax
11 Law consulted Lansdowne on all matters of importance , kept him informed of the progress of negotiations over Ulster , but found him difficult to convince of the merits of compromise .
12 If I could have foreseen the progress of events over the next two years I would probably have stood up and run directly back to Boulogne .
13 The consequence of Oswiu 's decision at Whitby , therefore , was the destruction of the authority of Iona in Anglo-Saxon territory and the restoration of the authority of the archbishop of Canterbury over the northern Angles .
14 The couple have clashed with the Archbishop of York over their wish .
15 You would think he was a gypsy until you looked closer at his blue eyes and the dusting of freckles over his apple-blossom cheeks .
16 Prima facie the rules against perpetuities applies to the grant of easements over things not in existence at the date of the lease .
17 First , under an approved share option scheme overseas participants are restricted to shares under option up to a maximum of £100 000 value ( UK resident participants are not restricted to £100 000 value and are eligible for the grant of options over shares up to an aggregate value of four times annual remuneration ) .
18 AN ENGLISH-based ports authority is poised to begin talks with the Ministry of Defence over buying a large area at Rosyth Dockyard for a combined passenger and freight service to Europe .
19 It hit out after a report from the Parliamentary Ombudsman sharply criticised the Ministry of Agriculture over its failure to ‘ devise and implement a scheme which complied with the legislation ’ to pay compensation .
20 Legislation to create the agency has been delayed by a dispute between the Department of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture over its role .
21 Hand studied 65 theses on entomology produced within the colleges of the University of London over a five year period .
22 In 610 a combined Avar-Slav army thrust across the karst , following the route of Theodosius over the Pear Tree Pass ( Hrušica ) and the Vipava valley .
23 ‘ There is as much concern in Pelkosenniemi about what is proposed for their holy mountain as there is in Mayo and throughout the West of Ireland over what is proposed for Croagh Patrick .
24 On rocky ground the friction of rope over crests and round corners much reduces fall impacts .
25 If the pond-building books fail to acknowledge Murphy 's Law , it is nowhere more evident than at the point where neat diagrams demonstrate the laying of slabs over flap of liner .
26 But France has been hit by the kind of unease over European union that British governments have been expressing for years .
27 The two companies claim the agreement will mean that customers switching from leased line services to local network interconnect systems will be able to maintain the level of control over their internetworks to which they have become accustomed .
28 The two companies claim the agreement will mean that customers switching from leased line services to local network interconnect systems will be able to maintain the level of control over their internetworks to which they have become accustomed .
29 That decision — and many others involving the course of science over the next four years — may rest with a new group of about 30 senior administrators convened two weeks ago by Gibbons and Bowman Cutter of the National Economic Council .
30 ‘ You look fabulous , you know , ’ said Miranda , deciding to take the part of generosity over envy .
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