Example sentences of "[art] [noun sg] of [noun] the " in BNC.

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1 The income which in fact is the income of B is to be treated for income tax purposes as the income of A. The purpose is notionally to transfer B's income to A , so that A may be charged to tax on the aggregate of his own and B's income .
2 He asserts that in the majority of businesses the moral standards have improved very significantly .
3 The first and perhaps most useful clue is that in the majority of cases the rash is non-irritating .
4 In the majority of cases the homoeopathic remedy appeared to work effectively and it was rare for the patient to require the conventional therapy .
5 In the majority of cases the conveyance will be a motor car and the ‘ taking ’ is proved by a witness stating that he saw the defendant take the car , or by an admission to that effect by the defendant .
6 In the majority of cases the process is unexceptional :
7 " In the majority of cases the metal concerned had sufficient strength to resist the considerable forces deployed from time to time . "
8 So there was the swings and roundabouts where had they not recognized and had come along with us , to the extent that we thought we could do our , a sharing objective er and it brought them out of the , the attitude that was hitherto adopted where well management really could n't care very much you know , if a man did suffer the loss of er five pound a week or whatever you know , and , and once it was made clear to him that there was no further er er use of the procedure and he could take it through his district you know , if he liked , the man did n't , well on exceptional cases perhaps they may have taken a case through , but er in the majority of cases the man just accepted it , and made up his losses er er later on .
9 In the majority of cases the plays did not formally raise specific political concerns which would warrant such close regulation .
10 From experience in the majority of cases the valuation report has been ‘ value added ’ .
11 In the majority of cases the guardian ad litem will appoint a solicitor to represent the child .
12 For some , perhaps still the majority of contractors the agency deducts tax at source and pays Class I ( dependent employee 's ) social security contributions .
13 I am sure that in the majority of instances the shepherding done by leaders is done very responsibly , but this need not be the case .
14 In the majority of studies the most frequently used drugs have been thiazide diuretics and beta-blocking agents .
15 For the majority of people the response to an odour is instantaneous , disappearing immediately the odorant is removed .
16 Sir , — I believe to the majority of people the addition of VAT to domestic fuel bills will be as welcome as a large hole in a lifeboat would be .
17 In the remainder of Cumbria the rates were higher than those for England and Wales .
18 To encourage LEAs to accelerate the reduction of places the DES issued another circular in 1981 ( DES , 1981 ) which asked the LEAs to inform the DES how they intended reducing the number of places available .
19 In the same spirit Athens purified Delos in 426 — as Pisistratus had done in the previous century : control of Delos , the birthplace of Apollo the father of Ion , helped to justify control of Ionia .
20 It is a site of a Roman villa and a Saxon palace ; it is the birthplace of Edward the Confessor , and was the site of a Royalist garrison during the Civil War .
21 In the provision of services the field or area offices may be more important than the centre ;
22 Soon after the change of government the heads of national radio and television and of the CTK news agency , as well as many newspaper editors , were replaced .
23 It also means the pressure on Serbia and Montenegro , because without the support of rump-Yugoslavia the Bosnian Serbs can not endure indefinitely .
24 In effect , without the support of advertisers the British media would be in a poorer and much truncated form : advertising revenue accounts for some 40% of the popular press 's total revenue and some 70% of the qualities ' total revenue ; advertising revenue also finances the commercial television channels , countless commercial radio channels and a sizeable proportion of the new cable and satellite channels .
25 Simultaneously with the conversion of Peada , Oswiu was also prevailing upon Sigeberht the Good , king of the eastern Saxons ( see Appendix , Fig. 2 ) , the successor of Sigeberht the Little , to accept Christianity .
26 By adopting a contractual conception of the company the legal model gives as the reason for the vesting of centralized authority to manage the company in the board of directors the contractual agreement of the owners of the company .
27 In Normandy , the army under the command of the Earl of Warwick sacked Carentan and carried off huge quantities of plunder , while Froissart observed that after the sack of Caen the English ‘ won an amazing quantity of wealth for themselves ’ , and ‘ sent boats and barges laden with their gains — clothes , jewellery , gold and silver plate and many other valuable things — down the river to Ouistreham where their main fleet lay ’ .
28 This chapter aims at motivating godly praying in order that leaders will not be sloppy and selfish , but will be shepherds after the heart of Jesus the good shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep .
29 Just fifty yards from the hotel , you can visit the ruins of Melrose 's 12th-century Abbey where lies the heart of Robert the Bruce , King of Scots .
30 William Roche will never forget the afternoon of October the fifteenth 1990 .
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