Example sentences of "[prep] the [noun sg] of [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 Led by Hepworth Band they march through the village to Scholes , with stops en route for the singing of hymns .
2 Six weeks should be allowed for the dispatch of tickets .
3 He also used the flower as the starting point for The Tuft of Primroses — Poetical Works , v , p. 348 ff , written in 1807–8 .
4 But the existence of a group where the products from one factory may be marketed in another allows for the possibility of products being internally sold .
5 At the same the management of eye movements leaves room for the possibility of accesses which can and often do develop into what Goffmann describes as focussed encounters ; episodes which are themselves introduced and terminated by rituals of greeting and farewell .
6 But two weeks ago the Liberal Democrats quietly reversed their policy at their Spring conference in Nottingham , making clear that abortion was a matter for the conscience of individuals .
7 On March 11 , opposition groups led by George Serban drew up the Timisoara Declaration , a document calling for the banning of ex-communists from public office , a purge of the bureaucracy and democratic reforms .
8 It was an historic statute since for the first time it provided a statutory power for the banning of marches and processions of protest and demonstration .
9 The onset of World War I made him responsible for the design and erection of explosives plant for the Ministry of Munitions , as well as plants for heavy chemicals , dyestuffs , intermediates , and synthetic drugs which , until that time , had been imported from Germany .
10 After 1918 Gosse worked as a medical referee for the Ministry of Pensions , and later at the Radium Institute , eventually becoming its medical superintendent .
11 The Minister of Education and Culture , Guillermo Garcia Costa , was to have temporary additional responsibility for the Ministry of Territories and Environment until a Colorado candidate was chosen .
12 And while cambric for the fashioning of chemises was one thing , costly brown satin from China must surely be another ?
13 There is no need for any criterion for the relevance of facts which is not implicit in the formula itself .
14 Other satellites , such as the European ERS-1 and the Canadian Radarsat , are scheduled for the period 1990–1995 and will provide radar imagery of the Earth for the monitoring of storms at sea and the tracking of iceberg movement in Arctic waters .
15 Secondly , if the polytechnic in question had deteriorated in resource provision and management to the point suggested , this pointed to the lack of an early warning system through the Inspectorate , who had a responsibility for the monitoring of standards in non-university institutions .
16 Vitamins and nutrients help to prevent and fight disease and are essential for the healing of wounds and bone fractures .
17 For the sample of countries chosen , it is clear that the UK is not the most heavily taxed overall .
18 In order to obtain data on the difficulty of the questions at different levels it was necessary for the sample of pupils taking them to be drawn from the complete range of target pupils in the schools .
19 Contact also with organisations for the assistance of widows can be useful to some women , and one of these , CRUSE , which has already been mentioned , runs groups and an excellent counselling service .
20 The following guidelines on sponsorship have been approved by Council for the Assistance of Branches and Chapters .
21 a more specific power to appoint a British consul or his deputy as a special examiner may be exercised where a Civil Procedure Convention subsists between the United Kingdom and the relevant foreign country providing for the taking of the evidence of any person in that country for the assistance of proceedings in the High Court ( the unspoken assumption being that any such Convention will permit consuls to act ) ; and
22 However , Nuttall has shown that this creates considerable problems for the interpretation of results in relation to , for example , class size .
23 It provides the framework for an interpretation of action but the full story is only revealed by an examination of the rules which direct action and which provide for the interpretation of situations .
24 The answers to these questions will have significance not only for the interpretation of dismissals and refusals to hire under Council Directive 76/207/EEC but also for the interpretation of Article 10 of Council Directive 92/85/EEC and other unfavourable treatment of pregnant women which the employer or the state claims is gender-neutral .
25 The importance of deictic information for the interpretation of utterances is perhaps best illustrated by what happens when such information is lacking ( Fillmore , 1975 : 38-9 ) .
26 The sessions have also produced a wealth of varied and detailed material , often linked to constructive proposals for the solving of problems , which questionnaires do not elicit .
27 The compression of child bearing has had important implications for the participation of women in the formal labour market .
28 More fundamentally , it is the high proportion of immigrants in this school which is responsible for the lowering of standards .
29 Typically OCR systems are used in offices to create electronic copies of letters received from other offices , and for the inclusion of spreadsheets and tables in printed reports .
30 Given this array of auxiliaries and the possibility of applying any number of them simultaneously , it is plain that a citation order for the inclusion of auxiliaries in a number must be settled .
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