Example sentences of "be be " in BNC.

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1 John Whitaker was anxious to qualify for tonight 's Next International Masters and the Dutch rider , Jos Lansink , had an even more obvious reason for abandoning speed in favour of accuracy when jumping a slow clear round to be be fourth on Optiebeurs Felix .
2 The engine may be be smooth , refined and flexible in its mid-range , but for a cross-country sprint it 's asthmatic .
3 If it is not , the bid should be be blocked .
4 They tend to be be used sparingly , because they are tiring and distracting to read .
5 City : Property without solid foundations Bricks and mortar were once thought to be be as good as money in the bank .
6 The injury-prone Reid , who has been troubled by back and shoulder injuries throughout his career , will not be be able to train until early January .
7 You will be be amazed by what you can see .
8 Would be be cooked alive ?
9 Based on current business levels and industry conditions , it expects turnover for the 1993 fiscal year to June 30 to be be between $1,250m and $1,300m .
10 But , like a brain , a neural network can be be taught to do things — recognising patterns , for example — by changing the strengths of the connections between its elements .
11 Plans are far from fixed , but the replacement could be be Hewlett-Packard Co 's PA RISC , since the Japanese firm has already reportedly pledged to buy $80m worth over the next three or four years .
12 Vines for SCO will be be marketed as a Banyan application , and sold by both companies via their usual outlets .
13 manager should be be a major priority .
14 But but , you should also be be sure that the form tutor pro can clarify things for parents because although , no no matter how hard you try to make this erm , a clear and easily understandable document it 's only clear and un easily understandable to us .
15 Erm well , I mean that that would be be erm
16 This was a this was plastered so it 'd be be a ni nice inside wall for inside of the vestry .
17 Well there 'd be be a squad of men working there , paid by the estate .
18 ‘ Are you in a hurry to be be on your way , Mr Barnett ? ’
19 With the Omni SQL Gateway that er you 'll be be able to access D B two data is that still going through the Open SQL Server or is that actually going D R D A or are there plans to go D R D A compliant ?
20 Now they should be be perfectly plain , straight and we got a t I got a true cut on eighteen inches with a a Mr was so so he made a special report on erm what I 'd done .
21 Today er on that job they 'd be be getting about three hundred .
22 A second is ‘ to be be paid for work or service ’ .
23 And in the right circumstances er it need not be be criticized , but the circumstances have to be right for it .
24 So that she 'd be be she 'd be doing her baking during the day while we were at school .
25 ‘ Be be be , ’ one of the figures said , standing up .
26 ‘ Be be be . ’
27 ‘ Be be be . ’
28 In the longer term , if there i is a need for a for addi additional supply that can be be done by increasing the size of the segment or or using some of this additional land .
29 And could I just say that I think that the issue of sustainability does also touch upon the need for the new settlement to be be located on a public transport corridor , preferably an existing public transport corridor , and I think again that argument for for s for somewhere where a rail link , preferably , could be provided , and that of course would tend to support all those factors tend to support a location on the Northern side of York rather than the Southern side of York .
30 The status will be be one of :
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