Example sentences of "you [modal v] " in BNC.

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1 Before we take a look at the right fitness plan for you let's look at the physical benefits of regular exercise :
2 When you 've got an engine , erm , you Let's say we 've got an engine with a fixed amount of petrol going in all the time .
3 Two sixths oh well there 's one sixth for you let's find the other one .
4 Well thank you let's call in er resolution number two that 's on the er pre-paid ground .
5 And if you let's suppose we save save you know , ten managers , I mean that 's going to be a hundred and forty thousand pounds .
6 Now as you let's have a look at er the track layout of the place .
7 You c-could n't be b-beastly if you tried , ’ Pogo said .
8 It gets harder to breathe — and you may die .
9 It does not need a lawyer either to draw up any document or to advise you although you may wish to consult a professional adviser if a particularly large sum is involved or if there are complicated conditions surrounding the gift .
10 You may in fact find that you do pay some tax in the UK .
11 You also need to bear in mind that you may have other payments under existing deeds of covenant or other payments made under Gift Aid in the same tax year , and you will need to have a taxable income at least equal to the gross amount of all these payment , as well as the Gift Aid payment being contemplated , otherwise you will have to account to the Revenue for some tax .
12 You may in fact find that you do pay some tax in the UK If you have dividends or receive bank or building society interest on which tax has been paid , tax will have beed deducted at source , and this will enable you to sign a Certificate so that ACET can obtain the advantages of the Gift Aid scheme .
13 You may say that it is feeble in colour and monotonous in tone — it may be so , but it touches the heart , it arrests the attention ; and what is the use of all your correct drawing and pure tints , and skill in light and shade , if your subject leaves me cold and unaffected .
14 Heirs to the freedoms which , on the threshold of the Sixties , Take a girl like you may be thought to have assisted in inaugurating , but which it also contrived to criticise , young people now seem to feel that the old Patrick belonged to a sexist work , and they may well feel that the old Adam has surfaced again in the new Patrick .
15 Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream and Hamlet would be a good starting point — As You Like It , Twelfth Night and Julius Caesar you may already be familiar with , as they are often set for O level courses .
16 One of the questions you may be asking yourself is ‘ Can I be taught to act ? ’
17 But you may not actually learn much , simply because the main object of the group will not be to help you but to get on and do the play , relying on the skills available and hoping that the audience will give adequate support .
18 You may find yourself doing quite a bit of ‘ line learning ’ .
19 Some schools will stipulate a number of Shakespearean speeches from which you may select , but in the main the choice of work is left entirely to you .
20 Always think what the chosen piece is doing for you — after all , the audition is about you , the naked ape , as well as that inner spark of inspiration you may have .
21 You may well be asked to sing something unaccompanied , or do a short improvisation and you may well be asked to perform one of the speeches in a different way .
22 You may well be asked to sing something unaccompanied , or do a short improvisation and you may well be asked to perform one of the speeches in a different way .
23 In some schools you will be asked to participate with other students in basic class work over a weekend ( as happens at the Bristol Old Vic drama school ) and in some you may find yourself being judged partly by senior students of the school who will be sitting with the faculty panel ( which is something that happens at Drama Centre ) .
24 Valuable coaching can often come from drama school tutors who can give a fair assessment of the possibilities you may have prior to auditioning .
25 You may smile , but does freedom of the press mean freedom to choose its own standards ? … down , as I would have been obliged to do had it not been burned down during the state of emergency which followed independence .
26 The range is obviously very wide , and you may find yourself in a Greek tragedy , or even a modern ‘ exercise ’ play such as Games by James Saunders , where the student may add to the text by research material which can be incorporated in the project .
27 It is possible , though , that in the early stages of training you may feel that all your creative skill is being stripped from you , and that the whole system is ganging up on you .
28 Ultimately , there are things in your training which you will accept — and those you may reject .
29 Your first Equity card will be a provisional one ; to become a full member you need to have worked for at least 30 weeks , not necessarily consecutively , Nevertheless , it 's only realistic to assume that you may face longish periods of unemployment and to be prepared to deal with this constructively .
30 Dear Harsnet , he wrote , you may keep your door closed and not answer when I ring the bell , you may refuse to answer my letters or return my calls when I leave a message on your answering machine , but sooner or later we are bound to meet and this time I will not let you fob me off with a smile .
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