Example sentences of "you [noun] " in BNC.

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1 A : you 've got his number have n't you B : yes I HAVE A : where is it B : it 's in my WALlet on his card A : where 's your wallet B : in my blue jacket A : £ .
2 ‘ What strange people you artists are !
3 I 'm not frightened , are you Jim ? ,
4 Over to you Jim .
5 And that muscle 'll grow over the top of that scar , and it 'll get rid of all that for you Jim .
6 Thank you Jim .
7 NB : When you are flying away from the DF station the operator will still be giving you QDMS .
8 ‘ Why we give you sanctuary , eh ?
9 Did I tell you Madeleine came to see me again shortly after you left ?
10 You can get help from you GP or from your local Social Services Department and you could contact a local rape crisis centre or women 's refuge .
11 thank you Denis … two season tickets to the manor for you Mr. Mullins … we 're also giving away a United shirt apiece to six runners up … and they 're Lee Lowe …
12 Weeklies will give you loads of cuttings to put before your clients .
13 Now , that 's really great to me because I mean , you 're really stimulating the youngsters at that age , and quite obviously I could tell you loads of stories the way this neighbourhood engineers er er , scheme works at the moment but as I say we are embarrassed at the moment because , quite obviously , loads of school want us to participate but we got a very shortage of engineers .
14 I do n't think you 're a very good detective , I 've given you loads of clues .
15 Well I can give you loads of coppers ?
16 Bearing in mind it 's a team focus course so I 'm not giving you loads of work which takes you apart from one another , what we do is you talk together , and spend time together .
17 Catherine and me gave you Coke and I gave you loads this morning .
18 Cost you loads by taxi .
19 Disagreement gets you disagreements
20 Come on you reds .
21 Crowd shouts — Come on you reds !
22 So come on you reds .
23 Come on you Reds and do the business for the supporters because they will be giving it everything for you !
24 come on come on you reds
25 come on you reds , come on you reds
26 come on you reds , come on you reds
27 come on you reds
28 come on you reds
29 come on you reds , come on you reds , come on you reds
30 come on you reds , come on you reds , come on you reds
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