Example sentences of "are for " in BNC.

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1 This is one field of higher education where in some cases the fees from the overseas student are no higher than they are for British nationals .
2 The taller you are for your weight , the more range advantage you will accrue .
3 If you are for the latter , shout out Aye .
4 Though he is meticulous in his choice of words and turns of phrase ; his attitude , his demands , are for black and white : take it or leave it ; but at least recognise that you have been offered it .
5 By contrast , the metaphysical question of what the preconditions are for the world 's being accessible to thought was uppermost for Plato and Aristotle .
6 Many of the requests are for practical , technical and vocational literature for all levels , from secondary schooling upwards .
7 Budgeting Loans are for people getting income support .
8 Decor and furnishing are for the 1990s styles , insulation is even better than the Mark 3s and passengers with special needs are catered for as , for example , mother and baby facilities and disabled toilets .
9 Many requests are for details of fibreboard d-i-y projects — FIDOR can supply booklets which will enable you to construct a serving trolley , make a bedhead , build a stylish fire surround , or a kitchen island unit .
10 It still seems to me that the acting critics of poesy are for the most part incapable of looking for more than one thing at a time , having got started about 1913 ( I mean a few of ‘ em got started about 1913 and a lot have started since ) to look for a certain plainness and directness of speech and simple order of words ; and having about 1918 got started looking for Mr Eliot 's rather more fragile system ( a system excellent for Mr Eliot but not very much use to any one else ) , they now limit their criticism to inquiring whether or no verse conforms to one or other of these manners , thereby often omitting to notice fundamentals , or qualities as important as verbal directness and even more important than ‘ snap ’ .
11 One reason why Pound 's scales must ‘ slide ’ is that nowhere in his criticism does Pound forget chronology — literary history and literary criticism are for him two aspects of one unified act of attention .
12 Sir Angus replied : ‘ We are for advising the Prime Minister , who is very interested in efficiency and effectiveness in the Civil Service .
13 We are for bringing outside analysis to departments along with the office of the Minister for the Civil Service and the Treasury .
14 The figures quoted are for a mix of wastes requiring incineration .
15 The attack was stepped up by Raghib Ahsan , of Birmingham Ladywood , who told the conference : ‘ We are offered scraps from the masters ’ table , and hungry as we are for black representation , our response must be to spit them out . ’
16 Market expectations are for little change upwards in the RPI from the latest figure of 7.3 per cent .
17 ‘ I know what a worry high interest rates are for families with mortgages and for those involved in farming and small businesses , ’ she said .
18 The Moneysaver tickets are for travel from Heathrow , Manchester and Birmingham airports to a choice of 14 Spanish destinations .
19 All of these are for a personal service .
20 But I think you have to recognise that there is no ideal organisation structure , whatever the arguments are for centralisation , decentralisation , functionalisation , regionalisation , for a line-management or matrix-management approach .
21 Mountains are for walking , ATBs are for paths and tracks .
22 Mountains are for walking , ATBs are for paths and tracks .
23 These figures are for the fibres alone .
24 His principle is to maintain the gardens and grounds as they are for all the residents , so that from outside it is not apparent that the building has been divided up .
25 I would sum it up by saying cars are for work , not for worship . ’
26 The square pans are for fish and the round ‘ rapid recovery pans ’ are for chips .
27 The square pans are for fish and the round ‘ rapid recovery pans ’ are for chips .
28 Although many of the massage techniques in this illustrated guide are for two people to practise on each other , as you can clearly see from the simple techniques over the page , massage is something that you can successfully achieve alone .
29 ‘ This just shows how hungry institutions are for commissions , ’ one banker said .
30 ‘ The argument against a one-party state is shared by many intellectuals , including those in the party and who work for the state , but those in power are for it .
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