Example sentences of "at right " in BNC.

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1 The girl 's slim figure , small breasts , and pony tail haircut are those of an adolescent , while her pose , one foot at right angles to the other , is just a little away from the third position in classical Western ballet .
2 Although the gliders were left facing at right angles to the wind and were weighted down with tyres in the approved manner , when the first strong thermal went off nearby the wind would become gusty and change direction completely .
3 During a study of the various styles , it became apparent to me that if the back legs are set into the seat rails at an angle , this angle , together with the curvature of the rear legs and backward slope of the chair back can regulate the flair : if the legs are mounted at right angles to the rear seat rail , there would be no flair .
4 The shape of the legs was formed to make sure that each face that had a rail joint was at right angles to the rail which reduces the time and effort needed for angled joints .
5 A steep slab at right angles to the viewing balcony gives several routes at about VS and is a poseur 's paradise as you have a continuous battery of video cameras pointing at you .
6 Hold the brush at right angles to the surface and use circular motions
7 By making a magnetometer with two pickup coils at right angles and orienting it to give the maximum and null outputs referred to , the magnitude variations and angular variations are effectively separated .
8 The coils themselves should consist of 500 turns of 0.2mm enamelled wire scramble wound as neatly as possible over the core , the second winding crossing over the top of the first at right angles .
9 The voltmeter should show a maximum ( positive ) , a minimum ( negative ) and two zero crossings approximately at right angles to the maximum and minimum .
10 The finished transducer includes a second pickup coil at right angles to the first .
11 Fig. 10 : The toroid exhibits greatest sensitivity at right angles to the pickup coil
12 This supports two distinct modes of light propagation polarised at right angles to each other .
13 Bear half left , aiming 100 yds to the right of group of trees , to find gate at right extremity of hedgerow .
14 Techniques exist for the ‘ stitching ’ of such fractures and they include a method in which groups of holes spaced at pre-defined centres are drilled across , and at right angles to each crack .
15 Keep your wrists loose , elbows at right angles , and tap your fingertips quickly and rhythmically over the area .
16 To ease tight hands , place them together , palm facing palm , elbows at right angles .
17 Deacon 's structure involves two complementary shapes joined at right angles ; shapes that one has never seen before but one recognises as familiar .
18 Always aim to be carving at right angles to the bone , otherwise the sliced meat will be stringy in appearance and texture .
19 The result ( which can be deduced from Fleming 's left-hand rule — the only two-fingered gesture in the school syllabus ) is a force at right angles to both the current and the magnetic field — ie , along the main axis of the boat .
20 He placed two of the sticks at right angles overlapping and began to twist the wire to fix the two sticks together .
21 Philip began the second join , placing another length of wood at right angles .
22 The Convento de San Esteban is a magnificent plateresque sixteenth-century edifice on the Plaza Santo Domingo , approached by a small arched bridge which provides an impressive forefront to that immense carved façade , with the arcaded convent standing at right angles to it on the right .
23 One took me rather out of my way , before turning at last , at right angles , up the hill and home ; but it was the main road and was lit .
24 They were doing a sort of Nordic cha cha cha with Dutch doll movements , hands and feet turned out at right angles and clockwork jerks of the head .
25 This line , moving in a dimension at right angles to the first , defines a rectangle .
26 The rectangle , moving in a dimension at right angles to the previous two , defines a rectangular prism .
27 No matter how the path of A wriggles on the plane , this calculation will be applicable provided that : ( a ) The line is always at right angles to the path .
28 When a length of wire is suspended in a magnetic field , the wire will move at right angles to the magnetic flux whenever an electric current is passed along it .
29 A mnemonic for this phenomenon is to set the first and second fingers and thumb of the left hand at right angles to one another .
30 Maximum linear discord is achieved when lines cross at right angles .
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