Example sentences of "at no " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 Wölflinn himself describes the Bernini statues at some length but at no point does he ever mention the subject …
2 At no time will this be more true than in the 1990s , when the art critic confronts an increasingly international community of art .
3 At no time have I believed that environment is a complete explanation of art .
4 Sadly neglected examples of classic pub architecture were restored to their former glory at no small expense .
5 If we look at Pound in 1927 and 1928 , when he instituted from or through Paris his periodical , The Exile , and sustained it through four issues , we get the impression of a man yawing about without direction , as at no time either earlier or later in his career .
6 The Metromedia interests in New York would subsequently be sold to LIN at no profit to McCaw , bringing an entire New York licence under one roof .
7 At no time , however , did they use such draconian measures to stifle dissent .
8 At no point is any aspect of the selection process subject to democratic scrutiny or approval .
9 Edwards , Manchester United 's chief executive and major shareholder , was at pains to emphasise that Knighton had been in a position to complete the deal , but had not done so ‘ in the interests of the club ’ and had at no time sought compensation .
10 It also brought up the art quote of the year , from one Ziff Fistrunk ( no , I do not make up the name ) , director of the Southside Chicago Sports Council , who organised the protest : ‘ I have trained players in Little League and semi-pro baseball , and at no time did I train them naked . ’
11 At no time did I supply money for arms . ’
12 ‘ How are things at No 4 Commando ? ’
13 One of the classic findings of media research in British election campaigns is Trenaman and McQuail 's ( 1961 ) assertion that ‘ the evidence strongly suggests that people think about what they are told … but at no level do they think what they are told ’ .
14 The rise of the Living Church , which itself soon split into various groups , allowed the party to divide and rule ; at no point did it commit itself unconditionally to any sect .
15 At no stage did the Alliance make any serious impact or strike any distinctive note .
16 At no point throughout the weekend did he seem at ease in the new car , his driving lacking the urgent but dramatically effective style seen in the past .
17 The aim of this is to test the flexibility of every man in the group by imposing a situation which requires a major change in the plan , at no notice .
18 At no time have I been able to see anything cither Nazi or necessarily homosexual in the listed pleasures , which are precisely of the kind which might occur in a George MacDonald fantasy .
19 So a gift of , say £20 , will become £26.67 at no added cost to you .
20 Sainsbury 's champagne at £8.75 is also a fine example of decently mature fullness and ripeness yet freshness and fruit but scores a point more for greater elegance at no greater cost .
21 At no stage , though , did he look like knocking me out , like most of his opponents , ’ said Jacobs .
22 Atari has announced an enhanced STE range with graphics and sound facilities more like the Amiga 's , but at no extra cost .
23 Out of 72 cases only 20 resulted in the ministry obtaining compensation or remedial work at no cost to themselves .
24 The first Commons debate on world climate change came only two days after the prime minister 's theme-setting UN speech on the environment in November 1989 , yet at no stage in its five-hour course was it attended by more than fourteen MPs .
25 The cheese is sold at no younger than two years and up to five years old .
26 At no extra charge ? ’
27 He then went on to identify each and every major problem which affected cost and profit performance , quantifying each problem area and finally consolidating the total cost penalty at no less than four hundred million dollars .
28 It has been estimated , however , that at no point in the century did membership of such Societies exceed 6,000 , a figure roughly comparable to the number of adherents of the New Jerusalem Church of the Swedenborgians .
29 Stapleton afterwards declares that ‘ at no point was he altogether insensible ’ .
30 Although the 1914–18 war quickened the speed of the decline in fertility and resulted , during a loss of around 600,000 unborn children who would otherwise have been brought into the world , at no time did the rate touch the low level at which it stood in 1939 .
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