Example sentences of "at an " in BNC.

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1 Museums are at an advantage in making close examination of works in their own collections showing evidence about a picture , say , which can only be discovered by the newest scientific and technological methods .
2 It can be said of these strong-minded and independently gifted accomplices that their work shows a dimension of reciprocity and replication , of the production unit , which stands at an appreciable remove from parody and plagiarism , and from the mimicry of other people 's voices which is comprehended in the term ‘ ventriloquism ’ , which Amis goes in for in private , among friends , and which is also a pleasure of the novels he writes .
3 The drama student , on successfully completing an acting or stage management training course at an NCDT accredited school registers with Equity , thereby becoming eligible for membership of the union if offered an engagement in any of the areas of work listed above .
4 My audition for Leeds was a sight reading job and it 's something that you get from drama training — work that helps you cope with the sight reading at an audition — yes .
5 If you feel you have done well at an interview and everyone seems to like you it is quite likely to find that you have n't got the part .
6 Well , I was always going to be an artist and it was always assumed that I would leave South Africa and go to somewhere like Italy and study at an art school .
7 Though opinion in the South gradually softened , there can be little doubt that the obverse would have been the case had the British government not changed tack and demurred at an openly repressive strategy .
8 My attempt at an inventory of the entire contents of a jacket pocket for 1959 .
9 Membership grew at an astonishing pace , reaching close to 30,000 in the late 1970s .
10 SOFTWARE in use at Morgan Grenfell : Caterdata from T IS — licensed to Catering & Allied at an entry cost of about £4,000 .
11 ‘ Then , Sergeant , ’ said the little old lady , ‘ your troubles are at an end . ’
12 A few years back , I bought an old desk at an auction and , when I got it home , found that the drawers had not been emptied by its previous owner .
13 ‘ What we want , then , Inspector , ’ he said bracingly , ‘ is a new avenue or fresh look at an old one . ’
14 ‘ Oh , a new look at an old problem , ’ said Henry Tyler at once .
15 Workers at an old fashioned brewery , upset by a take-over , decide to start their own employee-owned brewery .
16 For year-round interest , firs like Abies lasiocarpa appreciate heavy , moist soil , although A. koreana is my personal favourite because it produces cones at an early age .
17 It is always wise to have a dual flight before flying solo at an unfamiliar site .
18 At an unfamiliar site , talk to the locals and discuss the best course of action for launch failures .
19 Worse still , if the stick is being held back the aircraft may bounce off the ground into an even more nose-high attitude and at an even lower speed .
20 If they can do this , a change of plan at an early stage can usually prevent the situation from developing and leading to an accident .
21 Remember , thermal soaring is more about staying in the strongest area of lift than flying at an ‘ efficient ’ angle of bank ; it usually pays to turn steeply , as the small turning circle enables you to keep in the narrow cores of strong lift .
22 ( 1966 : 72 ) recognized such unobtrusive measures have found favour in field-work and I discovered at an early stage that the problem remains one of revealing the structural warts of the system while somehow indicating that this need not be seditious ; and indeed might even be of some value .
23 The young officer , he concluded , must escape at the first opportunity or risk being classified as an unambitious ‘ no hoper ’ at an early career stage .
24 She stopped at an off-licence and recklessly bought pink champagne .
25 At an early stage he worked out that the cell faced west .
26 We first met him at an elegant hotel in the ‘ uptown ’ district of Manhattan , New York , overlooking Central park , a watering place well known to artists ( Joe Cocker also happened to be in residence at the time ) .
27 Death is a tragedy ( ! ) and whether it strikes at an eight-year-old youngster 3. ) or a senile old man , a scar is always left on one 4. ) of the survivors — a scar that does not heal quickly .
28 I drew this to the attention of Mellowes , my line manager , at an early stage and he had made vague noises about something being in the pipeline .
29 The point is simply that the account of mental processes which folk psychology provides , constitutes an explanation at an appropriate level of abstraction for the purposes of explaining behaviour scientifically .
30 In other situations , however , PH 's pattern of responding makes it clear that he is recognizing familiar faces at an unconscious level .
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