Example sentences of "i you " in BNC.

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1 I you are short of space and have a conveniently placed wall , then a lean-to model is an option .
2 I you place your hands on your hips with your fingers pointing backwards and then move them an inch or two higher over the bottom of the rib cage they will cover the loins .
3 ‘ Kirov I You have come on business , I hope ? ’
4 These are two designs I you probably all recognized them when you see them , they were very popular .
5 Mhm but I I you know we we 're can we actually do it ?
6 Well yeah I I 've I 've whether he well I mean if , if he 's gon na do this seven page thing then I you know I you can look at it two ways .
7 Well yeah I I 've I 've whether he well I mean if , if he 's gon na do this seven page thing then I you know I you can look at it two ways .
8 Erm but I you know I feel that that very often we do n't sell stock
9 And I you know should be and I hope am alerting you to areas where er you know we are falling short .
10 I you know how conservative I am with figures and er with advising you as to what may occur I 'm myself relatively confident that erm we shall meet our ticket sales target by the year end and that there will be no as there as there 's been in previous years since er the aforementioned not to be noted er crisis .
11 but I you said three hours or so .
12 Years gone by in one town I you could tell from the drainage whether it was a colliery or a pottery .
13 about it , but after a while ah , I you know , things got more difficult as she deteriorated , but th I did learn a lot .
14 It 's not very nice when you 're driving the vehicle and er I know you 're all experienced drivers and then you get somebody sitting there alongside you starting to look at you do , and I I you could 've been driving all your life but you still feel a bit edgy and a bit tense .
15 I I you said , It 's not impossible .
16 Was I you , I 'd stay tucked up in bed .
17 ‘ And I you . ’
18 But I you know
19 No , no I did n't tell anybody when I you know I when I was doing me upmost , of course they knew afterwards that er because of me going in the hospital you see .
20 Er well I think the experience that I gained of the the kind of erm living situation erm because I you know we underwent the same kind of difficulties .
21 Erm a lot of the stuff , you know a lot of my clothes , I always make myself anyway , but I you know what on the market then .
22 Erm but I you know I do n't know that that was a got off the ground very well .
23 Erm t th certainly it makes me really angry that people have to struggle for the basics and I you know I I just do n't see how people who are on long term benefits , erm state benefits , can survive without getting into serious debt .
24 I mean it 's been a helpful conversation , erm you know I 'm not s I you know you persuaded me , rightly or wrongly , that it 's not that much of an issue in in our fellowship , but it 's something that we do always need to be aware of .
25 No I you see would be badl I 've got to have somebody with me .
26 ‘ And I you … ’
27 Er well I 'm sixty-five you see , so I mean I would be in my forties would n't I you see .
28 has this property of I you do put a list of accents it 's a good idea to put other at the bottom in case there is
29 Has anyone got any I mean I you do n't all need to write about the same thing or anything .
30 I you fathers .
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