Example sentences of "i how " in BNC.

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1 I How often are relevant descriptions of educational context made available and studied by curriculum workers as a basis for their decision making ? 2 How often are staff seminars on these issues held in university departments , teachers ' colleges or curriculum centres ( or are all the workers always too ‘ busy ’ to attend them ) ? 3 Do syllabuses and textbooks used in colleges or universities adequately reflect our considerable current knowledge about the educational context in Africa — particularly our knowledge about children ?
2 Th th er th did I tell you about er how I how I started at , how I left school ?
3 Yeah that 's it I how
4 I how you gon na find out whether it 's a or have they got stock control problems or they need management .
5 But I how I got there is a mystery !
6 I how are you ?
7 Erm , they give a complex number of cues , erm , when they are about to finish their conversation , erm , I how did they manage to it 's shown , it shown through the gaze of the speaker erm , erm , the speaker coming to the end of long actions has been shown to gaze heavily at the listener .
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