Example sentences of "i [adv] " in BNC.

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1 I do n't know , it 's temporary job , I know someone that might be interested , I think I know what it is but , but I just thought I luckily we wo n't mention it again .
2 She was such a sweet-natured , generous girl — I had never before nor have I since met anyone so naturally , if indiscriminately , kind and loving — that I found it hard to deny her anything .
3 ‘ I had never met anyone like him before nor have I since .
4 And saying that , in the last three years I since discovered , and it was quite difficult to , which I did find , that there was alternative erm therapists , which was lots of groups that were going on and once I got into it erm the , it opened up a new , you know I ne I 've never saw the light at the tunnel that is shining brightly now !
5 When I nervously entered the breakfast-room I looked up at — a black column !
6 Derive an expression for the magnetic field H at a point P distant a from the centre line of a long thin conducting strip of width b ( Fig. 3.19 ) which carries a longitudinal current I uniformly distributed across its section .
7 I instinctively knew I was going to like him .
8 I instinctively had a quick look but I could n't see a damned thing .
9 I instinctively looked away , the way children do when they see something naughty , as though witnessing it might incriminate them .
10 Zak and I instinctively went nearer , he in front , I in his shadow .
11 I 've never met Sir Brian or Sir Oliver and have only met Sir Bernard a few times , but I instinctively feel that all six would lay down their lives without hesitation for a damsel in distress .
12 I had just winched in the staysail 's port sheet when the explosion sounded , or something so like an explosion that I instinctively cowered by Wavebreaker 's rail as my mind whipped back to the crash of practice shells ripping through the sleet in Norway .
13 I instinctively put up my arms and caught him . ’
14 But now I instinctively thought , Oh no you did n't Ollie , you did n't resign , you got sacked .
15 If and in so far as there are any presumptions which assist in my conclusions ( and I instinctively dislike introducing presumptions in reaching a decision of fact as crucial as this ) , the presumption that a state of affairs continues until the evidence suggests that it no longer pertains is more to the point than the submission of Mr. Levy that the sanctity of life is so vital an interest to protect that if I am in any doubt that should take precedence .
16 He came after me , but he stopped when he saw me go inside ( as I instinctively knew he would — the only safe place from him was down here ) .
17 ‘ Unfortunately , being female does n't necessarily mean that I instinctively know how to behave as a mother .
18 He looked at my work and said I had talent , but that I needed " earnest practice in drawing " , to which I wholly agree : He also said he would be glad to take me as his " chela " but that my name and work must go before the council of professors of the Academy , which meets next Thursday , 17th inst. and that if they accepted me I could start work on the following Monday , 21st inst .
19 I do not propose to say more at this stage , except that I wholly accept the evidence of the surgeon as to the desperate nature of this situation , and that I grant the declaration as sought , which will include provision for the necessary consequential treatment in addition to the Caesarean operation .
20 I wholly support the concept of a ‘ going rate ’ for experts to avoid misunderstandings and to promote financial planning .
21 It is well known that I disliked what was in the first three-year letter of intent , but I wholly approved of the principle .
22 It has been made plain that Government policy on aid will be increasingly conditioned by the performance of recipient governments in terms of human rights and observance of democratic practices , and I wholly welcome that .
23 It is a disposition with which I wholly agree .
24 I wholly agree with the right hon. Member for Sparkbrook that it would be inappropriate to oppose the Bill on Second Reading , but , like the right hon. Gentleman , I intend to look closely at what happens to it during its passage through the House .
25 Britain has set the European Community on a course that I wholly applaud — an ever closer union of nation states .
26 Writing in the school bulletin , he said : ‘ I wholly applaud The Northern stance on this particular issue .
27 Er , and I got up and I protested about it , on the grounds that if they could n't run a great big pop hall for , and I wholly agreed with the idea , of of them providing the facility .
28 ‘ I 'm not sure I altogether approve of that . ’
29 I told Joan de Warenne I would return in May , Edward thought — I little knew then that such calamity and change of fortune would summon me hither !
30 I little knew then what the future held for me and looking back I can see what a lot I had to learn .
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