Example sentences of "i [verb] " in BNC.

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1 I tolled him i thort he was rong and that the jokes are abowt as funny as some jokes that are very funny .
2 It 's , certainly erm well attended , there 's , you know thousands of people attend and basically it centres around erm , a fire , Beltane means erm , sacred fire and erm a procession of drummers leads me to top of a path and along Carlfa , Carlton Hill and erm fire sculptures are lit around me and I unfo ha have this great costume that I unfold in and erm process round the hill and round hill are different performers erm painted in different colours to represent different elements of nature , and finally we come to this big fire where which I light with hands , which have been sculpted and bannocks are given to the people to eat , and erm the tradition that you 're supposed to cross the fire as a sort of a erm purification ceremony or or through the ashes of the fire .
3 The moral of this as my tale I unfold
4 The Indoor is where the man hands me his newspaper at the table and I unfold it sitting down .
5 The family folklore has it that when delirious I had said , ‘ A big black dog sat on the bed and said , ‘ Can I holp you ? ’
6 Finally , may I dispel a couple of nonsensical rumours that are currently circulating .
7 amazed I actually did erm what happened erm I was happened to be upstairs and my wife shouted quick quick there 's a zither , so I zoomed down here and the lady was still talking to you and a dialled well consequently I did n't get through for quite some time but I did eventually , erm your lady on the reception said well it 's gone now she said but I will give the lady 's telephone number and I spoke to the lady and told her the position and she says well if it 's not collected by so time I 'll g ring you back and I said well I 've been after one for a long long time she said well I ca n't understand it cos I 've been advertising it .
8 Being aware of the stress and pressure that many people and their families experience when AIDS or HIV is first diagnosed , I became involved in counselling .
9 Being aware of the stress and pressures that many people and their families experience with AIDS or HIV is first diagnoses , I became involved in counselling .
10 ‘ … suddenly I became free by some secret action , and now I am so happy I found your letter concerning my person .
11 He commented on his project : ‘ The more I explored , the more I became absorbed with the mystery of the environment .
12 It was then that I became fully aware of how your personality is really at stake .
13 Well yes , but let me say that I gave up going to auditions well before I became well known through The History Man , on television .
14 My resolve not to go back into education hardened , if anything , rather than softened , as I became more and more determined that the sacrifice I had made was not going to be in vain .
15 I became conscious of where I was and what I was doing so I quickly stood up and dried my eyes .
16 I became homeless in London so I got on a train and ended up here ; that 's all there is to it , really . ’
17 I became conscious again at about dawn .
18 Because I became aware of the problems when I first came into gliding , I wrote a booklet on the subject , called Sub-Gravity Sensations and Gliding Accidents ( available from the BGA in the UK and SSA in the USA ) .
19 In 1963 I became a CID aide or trainee detective , engaged in run-of-the-mill work dealing with a flow of petty crime .
20 Inevitably , over such a long period , I became less institutionalized , more able to function as an individual in relation to belief and action and not merely accept the organization 's definition of things ; and this is a profoundly un-police like state of affairs !
21 At about the time the new clock was commissioned , I became seriously ill with a heart condition , and it proved not possible to undertake the extensive research required to faithfully replicate the old clock .
22 Three weeks ago I became the proud owner of a Chihuahua and he 's changed my life completely .
23 ‘ Since I can not be a Russian , ’ he says , ‘ I became a Slavophil ’ — an articulator , that is , of romantic church-andstate conservatism in the debates of the time : indeed a walking , talking theory .
24 To speak personally , I might have found life easier , though possibly less interesting , if the English synthesis had continued to exist in approximately the same state as when I became a university teacher at the end of the 1950s : a genuine humane discipline , self-respecting , enjoyable , expanding , with methods that were established and familiar , if subject to variation between the different emphases associated with Oxford and Cambridge .
25 ‘ I fulfilled a childhood dream when I became champion in June , but Tyson is the ultimate dream . ’
26 ‘ In every year since I became Prime Minister , more money has been spent on the health service .
27 On a recent trip to Somerset , I became aware that no one was swimming along what is an impressive and beautiful stretch of coastline .
28 I became aware that my mother was pushing her way towards me .
29 During a scene in W C Fields ' The Bank Dick in which men were digging a trench in the road I became aware that my feet felt cold and wet .
30 I slid down until I became entangled in some bracken .
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