Example sentences of "i [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Let me tell you , Tony Parsons , what I as a woman hate .
2 May I as a regular reader of Pilot use its pages to announce and advertise a project of great interest to me and , I hope , to a few other Scottish pilots and aviation aficionados ?
3 So how did I as a novice get in there ?
4 I found myself constantly making a connection between what new families were saying to me about what they found most helpful from a social worker and what I as a social worker find most helpful from a team leader .
5 This is the point at which I as a mathematical physicist begin to splutter and go red in the face .
6 they had no vision of a classless society , erm , personally while I 've no desire to see uniformity , I see no earthly reason why some people because they have a lower income should be compelled to live in inferior and perhaps crowded conditions , whereas the man with five or six or seven times their income can choose a larger house in a much more delightful district and I think it is things like that that make the difference between what I as a young socialist agitator was advocating and what we find today .
7 Therefore , I as a parent will be selected to want that kind of thing to happen .
8 And then I as the would be turning round and round and backing right down the cow shed and the calf pen which was oh about sixteen yards length in all .
9 I think erm , often when judges , I do n't know whether George or any other judges that might be here tonight , one of the things which I as a judge often dread is photographs of babies coming up in competition .
10 and that er , you know , has lead to a lot of misery in some cases , er , also I mean there 's question of viability of our own scheme and I er , think er you know , er there are a number of questions which I as a lay-man would like to be , you know , I think the seminar is probably the right to do that .
11 I as an amendment as I am involved in the attendance allowance .
12 But nonetheless , I think we as county councillors can be proud of the fact that we have set a spending target for committees , we are prepared to allow the officers to manage their departments inside the targets that have been set , and that does mean that they have to look at er , what they 're spending and create priorities , and and I as a councillor am not in the least bit impressed by arguments that paper clips have increased by five and a half percent this year , and that felt l er pe felt line erm , pens have gone up by seventeen and a half percent , I think that 's largely irrelevant consideration , we 're not in the business of projecting budget , we 're in the business of providing money to deliver high quality services to the people of Wiltshire .
13 This is something over which I I as speaker , have no control whatsoever .
14 I mean I as a company Cumbria Power Tools will always , you know , it will survive because there 's only me and this
15 I should work for the B B C should n't I as a news reporter
16 I as a person did n't find that these changes were essential and I stated my opinion in erm in
17 You say about the Moat House being expensive , well it might be expensive to you or I as an individual , but when you 're negotiating conference rates in the area it is actually cheap and very suitable .
18 Well I do n't think it 's a very easy question to answer erm the Association , and I as the Director , feel accountable through a variety of channels .
19 People and animals portray in this , in the Tahiti painting , never seemed to be in a hurry , erm , even when always relaxed even when working and I wondered how much of this was cultural and erm , how much was due to the large amounts of erm drugs consumed in most paintings at this , this period but that I suppose I 'll , I 'll never know for sure about , erm with this painting I found in the background , er there 's a figure , that 's looking in on the situation and I , I for myself think 's its probably Gaugin , as he portrays himself as Christ , which I think he did quite a lot to me in , in , in a few of his paintings and so this painting gave me tremendous sense of being looked in on and this figure in the background , was the person that was doing the looking in .
20 Erm as long as we do n't mind transcribing them , and I for one do n't .
21 Sir , should any additional representations be sent directly to you after the close of the enquiry , I I I for one do n't know whether this would happen or not , but what are the administrative arrangements for dealing with that ?
22 But Visio takes the art out of being an artist , and I for one ca n't wait to see it .
23 Learning it type is a full business and I for one need a bit more to keep me interested .
24 I for you
25 I for one think that sort of thing , to people searching for something , makes a lot of impact .
26 you ca n't have I , because I for introvert
27 Substitution of I for E so instead of forget you know I for E So instead of saying forget you 'd say forgit .
28 Substitution of I for E so instead of forget you know I for E So instead of saying forget you 'd say forgit .
29 So we 're very committed to O D B C. It is one standard which we 're following , it is an alternative A P I for the desktop which is obviously strong because of the Microsoft relationship , erm but we will also foth follow other standards in terms of A P Is for the desktop as well .
30 Erm , I er , like everybody else , are very glad to see they 're gon na get their release , but do you know Dougie , erm , I for the life of me , can not understand , and we do n't know the full circumstances , how these people wander into a country like Iraq , which has a terrible reputation , and they do n't like us very much , you know , how does this happen ?
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