Example sentences of "the time " in BNC.

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1 He is not at all well , very breathless , and by the time we are in the care he is gasping for air .
2 At the time you enter a Deed of Covenant , the covenant should be capable of lasting for more than 3 years , and there should be the intention by you that it does so .
3 Under Gift Aid there are no formalities at the time of the gift , just a cheque or cash gift to the charity .
4 The donor must be resident in the United Kingdom at the time that the gift is made .
5 A recent survey of church youth groups shows that 1 in 4 have had sex by the time they are eighteen years old , 1 in 10 under the age of sixteen .
6 I was particularly impressed by the way you managed to organise all the available services so efficiently — just at the time when we were beginning to wonder how we 'd manage . ’
7 At the time , Dr. Zúñiga was working on the case of student Ernesto Castillo Páez , who ‘ disappeared ’ after he was reportedly detained by police on 21 October 1990 in Lima .
8 Her mother was only about 21 at the time — she had been married when only 13 .
9 He wrote that he was lying on a concrete floor ; he mentioned acute rheumatism , chronic bronchitis ; ‘ My ribs are tight , I have a lot of fever , I cough all the time .
10 These men were taste-makers , whose judgements were important ; but the time available to them for writing was limited by the demands of negotiation and administration , so that they tended to write essays more than books , catalogue entries rather than articles .
11 A typical decision for planning a survey is to take a century , or the reign of some sovereign to delimit a period ; this is a device with no relationship to the artistic activity of the time .
12 In How Prints Look , first published in 1943 , he wrote ‘ an elementary introduction to the appearances ( the outward and visible signs ) of prints ’ , and cautioned that : ‘ Most of the time spent over it should be given to looking at its pictures . ’
13 What private letters from an artist can do best is to elucidate what was uppermost in an artist 's mind at the time , often artistic aims which would be difficult to discover otherwise .
14 Problems of authenticity are not so great or modern art as for other periods , even if a gifted forger like the painter Elmir de Horty can fool some of the people for some of the time .
15 Heron shows in his article a deep sympathy with Braque 's work , which , incidentally , was a sort of painting he himself was seeking to practise at the time .
16 It was in 1761 , that he first wrote an account of one of the Salons , which was circulated with his other correspondence in the fashion of the time by his friend Grimm .
17 For much of the time , he is the achiever who tries for a reasonable percentage return .
18 In the days before glasnost — which his fictions may be thought to have rehearsed and predicted , but which could well mean that his fictions will no longer be for the West what they have been so far , when the thing that they deplore was still there in its entirety to be deplored — Kundera was forced into exile in the ‘ free world ’ of the time .
19 She is infatuated with a handsome police chief , goes rather grimly to bed with him in the time he can spare from gambling sessions , and then kills herself .
20 T. Behrens gives the impression that he has more to say about himself than the progress of this mad love — to which he did not stand all that close at the time , brother as he was — has allowed him to come up with .
21 There is a bleakness which centres on Patrick 's infidelities : but it may also be true that the rudeness and aggression with which Jenny , their sex object , is treated by various chuntering males has grown grimmer with the years than it was reckoned to be , by the author , by me and by many of his readers , at the time .
22 It is dated December 1959 , and may therefore have been written at the time that Take a girl like you was being completed .
23 But when he does resume them , when the time comes for him to make his next leap , the suggestions made in the course of this affair of his fiction fatigue and literal turn — suggestions which receive both rebuttal and support from within the shape-changing dialectic represented by The Counterlife — will not deserve to be forgotten .
24 Levi was an author who , without detriment to the other people who figure in his books , wrote all the time about himself , both in autobiographical and in fictional form .
25 Finding characters for yourself will , 1 think , depend a good deal on your personal taste in theatre at the time you are auditioning .
26 For he is but a bastard to the time
27 But music for the time doth change his nature , —
28 This extract is made up of two consecutive speeches to Jessica ; either speech can be played for an audition , but if you have the time to do them both together the extract works well .
29 Essentially , what she wants is for Berowne to discover what is serious in life , and to stop fooling all the time .
30 Part of the time he may almost be unaware that he is speaking to another person — after all Gila does n't understand English very well and it is unlikely that she would fully understand the references to Rupert Brooke and the poem ‘ The Old Vicarage , Grantchester ’ .
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