Example sentences of "the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The fingerboard/neck jointing and overall fretwork is exemplary ; the neck-edging feels impossibly smooth , and hopefully manufacturing consistency means that all similar-spec 'd Bass Collection instruments will be as good as this .
2 In Champagne , Patrick Forbes indicates the indispensability of popping champagne corks for the success of a ball , stating that no less than 1,800 bottles of mousseux were consumed during a party held on 30 August 1739 at which Louis XV apparently attended incognito .
3 The people in the pew , not to mention the clergy and the musicians themselves , have to be convinced of the priority of worship , and the indispensability of first-rate music within it .
4 The Niggenkopf chairlift starts directly in the village and gives access to the Lorenzital and the Amatschon Joch .
5 The driver of the bus ran off after the accident.The Foreign Office is trying to find out more about what happened .
6 Now came true tidings to Valencia that the host of the Almoravides were coming , and that they were now at Lorca , and the son in law of the Miramamolin at their head , for he himself could not come , by reason that he ailed .
7 Three months Doña Ximena had been in Valencia , when tidings came to the Cid from beyond sea , that King Yucef , the son of the Miramamolin , who dwelt in Morocco , was coming to lay siege unto Valencia with fifty thousand men .
8 I walked as far as the castle , where the tram tracks jut out towards the far bank of the Daugava River to show where the bridge was torn away from under them .
9 I have not measured the gap of the barrier at the north end of the Pilton path , but I am quite certain it does not meet the 400mm. minimum .
10 The Asp is a Viper and a member of the Viperidae family .
11 The Sandaway Beach Holiday Park
13 ’ I just hate categories and sometimes new age can connotate airy-fairy , ridiculous things , whereas the synchro-energiser is based on scientific research . ’
14 During one ceaseless chant I was tempted to look at my watch , but did n't dare raise my arm since this was the signal to stop the synchro-energiser
15 Their plans included an attempt to enlist the support of the Vladika ( Prince-Bishop ) of Montenegro and of the Austrian military command in Vojvodina .
16 Giovanni Malagodi ( 86 ) , secretary-general of the PLI from 1954 to 1972 and Treasury Minister in 1972-73 [ see p. 25390 ] , died in April 1991 .
17 Once the interlining has been locked in , the two layers of fabric can be treated as one and made up in the same way .
18 Lay the interlining on top with the raw edges of interlining level with the marked hemline and top edge of the curtains ( fig. 31 ) .
19 Fold the interlining back and lockstitch it to the wrong side of the curtains in the same way as for the lining in Lined Curtains , but stitch two vertical rows for each width of fabric at equal distances apart and along all seams .
20 Smooth the interlining back and tack the outer edges of bump to the sides of the curtain all around .
21 Finish off the sides by turning them in to the wrong side on the creaselines , with the interlining .
22 Lay the curtain out flat with the interlining uppermost and apply the hemmed lining to it in the same way as for Lined Curtains , but lockstitching along the same lines as the interlining and along all seams .
23 Lay the curtain out flat with the interlining uppermost and apply the hemmed lining to it in the same way as for Lined Curtains , but lockstitching along the same lines as the interlining and along all seams .
24 Then apply the interlining to the buckram by pressing the bump turning allowance to the back , as with the pelmet fabric described above .
25 Then serge ( page 34 ) the turning allowance of the outer fabric to the turning of the interlining on the back of the pelmet and through the buckram , making sure no stitches show on the right side .
26 Other treatments adopt an over-simple solution to the problem , always preferring one source to another ; thus the algorithm of Hobbs ( 1976 ) looks at all intrasentential candidates before earlier sentences are considered at all , while Brennan , Friedman & Pollard ( 1987 ) prefer all candidates from the most recent sentence to ones from the current sentence .
27 In the language of computer software say , this would mean careful attention to the derivation of the algorithm before a line of code is written .
28 To address this difficulty the algorithm was changed to a depth-first one .
29 The algorithm is modified , since only some set of the higher probability letters are selected as candidates to be chosen between , instead of choosing between all possible candidates .
30 If all such letters are found , the algorithm checks whether the resulting string is a word ( i.e. the end-of-word flag is set at the tree-node reached by the search ) .
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