Example sentences of "was be " in BNC.

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1 Sometimes , like now , she wondered if Francis knew what it was be in love .
2 It was be demonstrating this wholeness that they were able to show that when one side of this whole changes , so will the other .
3 All she had to do was be more herself and less what she thought she ought to be .
4 ‘ It was terrible having to be seen as a human being when all I wanted to do was be a bean . ’
5 And all he had to do was be this other person and convince everybody .
6 Another thing he was not supposed to do was be tattooed .
7 Mike says that filming the hunt was be far the hardest job he has ever done , and he was certainly relieved to see the last of running through the forest during the rainy season .
8 From the room immediately beneath them , somebody began to play the piano , a Chopin nocturne , with heavy emphasis , but the piano was be no means suitable for Chopin and the sound travelled upwards as a hellish tingling of protesting strings .
9 But there was a one day in which Frenchie Nick Nicholson erm brought all the tail-enders across and had been told the one thing he should n't do was be last he was thinking I 'm not last and behind you then he came in in front of him and he was last .
10 She admitted that she had been thrilled at the idea of being alone with him , but all he was going to do was be stiffly silent .
11 This was be done in two stages .
12 Building it was be no easy task but one which was undertaken with great enthusiasm by Employment Training bricklaying trainees Ian Gannon , Mark Pendleton and Neil Gregson .
13 It , you 've , it was be prepared on the same basis as last year , in fact , the other
14 Too late Paige tried to avoid him , but all she managed to do was be off balance as his hands caught her shoulders , and with a muffled yelp she toppled backwards .
15 Erm what I was trying to do was be candid about what kind of er inquiries of the strategic kind might be expected to come if this county had that kind of policy .
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