Example sentences of "is just " in BNC.

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1 President Bush 's recent pronouncements on what is just and moral during the Gulf war left me feeling empty and bitter .
2 However , potentially educable as a painter Schnabel may or may not be , his work is just not worthy of serious attention by anyone with a developed taste in this particular art form .
3 Indeed , the kind of life which he bestows on his coffee-pot or coffee-grinder , his table , his chair and window , is just the sort of life we feel these things are really living !
4 For this reason we have the feeling that a Braque jug is just as real and valid , just as much a distinct unity , as the jug that comes from the potter 's wheel .
5 The girl 's slim figure , small breasts , and pony tail haircut are those of an adolescent , while her pose , one foot at right angles to the other , is just a little away from the third position in classical Western ballet .
6 Most new actors have tremendous optimism , as indeed they must , for without belief in themselves training is just a huge waste of time .
7 Some Irish nationalists hold that it is just to unite the nation by force — a typical view of secular nationalism throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Europe .
8 It is just because whatever one has planned to do is bound to be altered in the process that it is important to start at the right moment , he wrote .
9 It is just because whatever one has planned is bound to change as one proceeds that it is fatal to start too soon or too late , though it may be no less fatal , he wrote ( and Goldberg typed ) , to start at the right time , for then there is no excuse , no excuse whatsoever .
10 Impossible to reconcile space suggested by charts and space of room , which is just what I wanted , but for so long did n't know how to arrive at .
11 This ancient Chinese process is a fish preserving method comparable to smoking , and is just one of the techniques that catering students from the Norwich Hotel School will soon be taught .
12 So it is just as important to know what it is about your organisation that customers value so that you can promote it fully .
13 ‘ It is just that after much brainwork in Rome I have thought to give myself a little holiday on this famous Capri Island . ’
14 ‘ I think that is just about that . ’
15 Mind you , this place is just average as hostels go .
16 It 's being cooped up in this place I know , but her brain is just … ’
17 The idea of the hostel is just to get you off the streets , so to speak .
18 There is just one problem with that essential book Gardens of England and Wales Open to the Public 1991 — there are over 2,600 gardens to choose from .
19 A 5ft espalier is just the right height for pruning
20 If the variometer is fluctuating and reading up on one side of the circle and down a little on the other , the probability is that the glider is not climbing at all but is just drifting further down wind .
21 If the glider is facing more or less directly into the wind , and there is a pilot in the cockpit , it is just as safe as it would be after a normal landing .
22 However , facing into the wind while waiting for a launch , a tyre on the wing-tip is just a convenient way of preventing the wing from lifting off the ground .
23 Many trailers are dangerous much above 80 k.p.h. ( 50 m.p.h. ) and it is just not worth taking any chances going much faster .
24 Landing with obstructions on the upwind side is particularly dangerous and is just the sort of error people tend to make when they have n't flown for a while .
25 The critical moment is just after the recovery from the side-slip .
26 Then it is only a matter of banking the glider over until the feature is just below the wing-tip , steadying the glider and pressing the shutter .
27 Perhaps in the light of the somewhat narrow academic bias outlined by this cream of police studentship , it is just as well the college was not allocated the task of collating and circulating research to chief officers !
28 Slenderness is one thing , anorexia another ; heartbroken agony is one thing , living pain is just not right .
29 ‘ Aye — he is just twenty-one .
30 But that is just the start . ’
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