Example sentences of "is be " in BNC.

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1 ‘ All you have to do is be black and do n't curse the Jews directly , and the Jew will vote for the black in a second .
2 What I want to do is be part of something that does . ’
3 No doubt the good doctor will always do the right thing , but can what the right thing is be stipulated in advance or written down ?
4 Now the wrinkles are starting to show , all I can do is be good to myself .
5 All they can do is be at the radio station on time , and play their funky music whenever placed on a stage .
6 The last thing I would want to do is be unkind to people who have given me an extremely successful show .
7 All I have to do is be fully committed to the Lord 's work and He will show me what I can do .
8 All you have to do is be alert and take those few basic precautions .
9 All you can do is be as honest as possible and go , ‘ Are you bored with doing this ? ’
10 Usenix is hosting the third annual Unix Security Symposium September 14–16 at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore , Maryland along with the Computer Emergency Response Team : Usenix is be holding its annual Winter 1993 Technical Conference at the San Diego Town & Country Hotel in California January 25–29 .
11 We do not wish to deny that the tendency to act aggressively may have a biological basis , that is be related to some heritable feature , and explicable from the point of view of evolutionary advantage .
12 In a common law country , the preparation of a case for trial is the private responsibility of the parties , and so the taking of evidence , without compulsion , by a consul or a commissioner does not necessarily offend such a country 's concept of judicial sovereignty ; but the position may be very different where , as in many civil law countries the obtaining of evidence is part of the judicial function , and official permission is be required before the evidence can be taken privately .
13 All you can do is be supportive … ’
14 That the world is not divided into 2 classes of people — one who run private care for nasty reasons — and another group who work in the statutory service for all the good reasons , and that what we have to do is be prepared to step outside of those kinds of labelling and look at what we are seeing , look at the needs of the people we are trying to help make provision for and see what best can be done out of the resources available .
15 All you have to do is be as good as gold for a week .
16 The Guide Motto is Be Prepared .
17 The former tend to have homologies , that is be the relevant consumers of ( or have an elective affinity with ) the productions of ‘ consecrated artists ’ ( priests ) , while the intellectuals have homologies with the avant-garde or ‘ artistes maudits ’ .
18 It would be madness for me to refuse you through hurt pride when all I want to do is be with you , as I have just found out . ’
19 If Coventry lad Jimmy McGee ever again thinks of stepping out of his class , the best advice anybody can give him is be sure to step down .
20 My believe is what P P G is inviting local authorities to do is be cautious in proposing them , they should not be regarded as a first option , or an easy option , they should be cautious in proposing them .
21 All I reckon we can do is be grateful for the good service , as you say Tim , and get on with what 's left — and that is quite a lot .
22 Oh well okay , the other we 've got to do is be in the situation where you 've had a look at it before we all see it .
23 Er Ministers are often in a very grave difficulty these days , if they do n't listen er er they 're accused o o of being autocratic , i i if they do listen , er then they 're accused of making u-turns , well even the gathering swine did n't have to make a u-turn , a change of direction would have been quite sufficient and I welcome the change of direction which the Home Secretary ha has made erm the objectives of this Bill are I think to be commended , but it is be perfectly clear from the outset that you ca n't combat crime by antagonising everyone concerned with the enforcement of law and order , the police authorities , the police and the magistrates .
24 The message to shoppers is be wary about cheap items for sale … and to traders do n't deal in fakes … the penalties are high .
25 a man who runs a yard where there are no firm rules … no strict training techniques … the only order of the day is be happy … laugh and smile … it 's a wonderful world
26 Fiona McRae explains : ‘ Given the size of the service , the only way forward is be statutorily funded .
27 The best you can do is be as careful as it 's possible to be . ’
28 Well I said what he ought to do tonight , is be going to bed and have an early because do you know every flipping
29 Erm the , the instructions I 've got is be courteous but we 're not here to answer questions .
30 And he said ’ all you got to do is be careful you do n't hit the hedge , you see ’ .
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