Example sentences of "is that " in BNC.

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1 The reality of AIDS is that the person can die at any time .
2 One of the difficulties is that every person 's situation is different .
3 The advice offered here is that a reader should ignore what category of writing a book or article may come under , since helpful art criticism may be found in all sorts of sources .
4 The imperative for a writer of a chronological survey is that a defined period of time is covered ; this may be linked with a theme , such as the history of styles in Gombrich 's case , but it is unlikely to be linked solely with a spotlight on quality .
5 The authors are Rudolph and Margot Wittkower , and their theme is that while some artists succeed in financial and social circumstances without strain , other artists tend to Saturnine temperaments .
6 A final caution about using monographs about painters is that they can seldom be read alone .
7 The reason is that with Van Gogh art and life are not merely conditioned by each other to a greater degree than with any other artist , but actually merge with each other .
8 The virtue of artists ' writings for the reader of criticism is that it can often serve as a touchstone for judging the worth of mediators , particularly those presenting views of what the artist intended ; what the artist said may be more to the point .
9 The first and most obvious difficulty is that a three-dimensional object can not fit satisfactorily on to a flat page .
10 A consequence of this tradition is that the sculptor 's own personality may receive less prominence in a monograph than a painter 's , as the effect of patronage given or withheld can be decisive in a sculptor 's career .
11 One story about his teaching is that a new student would be told to observe a fish in a tank .
12 A difference between Morelli and Friedlander is that the former explains his method , while the latter does not .
13 The corollary is that some catalogue information has only a limited life , since it may in its turn be overtaken by new research .
14 Part of the charm of a sale is that the financial result is in itself a sort of critical judgement , reflecting even if not defining the taste and mood of the moment .
15 One view of the art market is that it is like a staircase with several landings .
16 Part of the reason for this is that the American professoriat is the largest in the world , while the American market for current art is unprecedented ; it is evident that the turnover of the American art market as a whole is the largest in the world .
17 One incidental advantage of personality pieces is that the magazines in which they appear may be able to afford good-quality colour reproductions .
18 The crux of a personality article is that it aims to satisfy a reader 's curiosity .
19 Another financial incentive is that sales may be generated by the naming of a group .
20 These may or may not have significance ; what needs to be certain is that descriptions are accurate , for if they are wrong , deductions from them will be valueless .
21 A pragmatic view is that an aesthetic experience is what is described as such , and as there are varieties of religious experience , so there may be varieties of aesthetic experience .
22 Naipaul 's readers could well have become inclined to ask why it is that his novels seem to say that there is nothing to be done in , or with , the countries of their concern .
23 The trouble is that the allegation has begun to seem convincing .
24 All four books reveal a steady concern with imitation and interpretation , and to read them together is to be clearer about what it is that the writer intends us to think that he thinks about things .
25 ‘ The first law of the imagination ’ , states Ackroyd 's Wilde , is that ‘ in his work the artist is someone other than himself . ’
26 What they have in common is that each escapes ‘ the limitations of the personal ’ .
27 All I can tell you with certainty is that I , for one , have no self , and that I am unwilling or unable to perpetrate upon myself the joke of a self .
28 One of the things you will notice when watching the television is that close-ups are used very effectively , and so it is of vital importance that the actor has absolute control over his/her face and expression .
29 And one of the main advantages of these very compressed and arduous courses is that they give students approaching drama school entry an opportunity of seeing what will be required of them should they gain a place at drama school .
30 The point is that they are all vital young men with love on their minds , full of colourful words to express their feelings , and all are within the range of the eighteen to twenty-five year old student actor .
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