Example sentences of "is for " in BNC.

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1 Payments qualify for tax relief under gift Aid only if the donation is for £600 or more .
2 There is no outside view of any sort and the only time they leave the cell is for weekend visits from relatives , bi-daily showers or for 45 minutes ' daily exercise .
3 Today catalogues raisonnés are often divided into two ; one volume is for an introduction and plates , while the other has the detailed catalogue .
4 All it takes is for society to accept the conviction that the imposed form of existence does more harm than good . ’
5 Two occasions in the book about his partisans quietly illustrate what he is for his readers in this respect .
6 The classical text is for the panel to see your present abilities , your imaginative range and your capacity as a thinking actor .
7 Shakespeare is the most widely known and read of the classical playwrights and it is for this reason that a piece from one of his plays is nearly always obligatory at a drama school audition .
8 Essentially , what she wants is for Berowne to discover what is serious in life , and to stop fooling all the time .
9 Consequently , the intricate role they play in the North or South of Ireland is for the investigator to find out .
10 It is for active use , wrote Harsnet , not for contemplation .
11 The usual practice is for casks to be rolled into deep , cool cellars .
12 Andrew Baird 's preference is for poached seabass with langoustine mousse
13 One thing is for certain — the role of the independent producer is secured .
14 ‘ The best thing for all of us is for me just to go back to London .
15 This month 's plan is for a wide , rectangular border which receives lots of sunshine every day .
16 Reading or hearing of other pilots ' experiences emphasises how easy it is for even seasoned pilots to make mistakes .
17 On a wire launch the best hope is for the car or winch driver to build up extra speed to get the glider as high as possible .
18 Sometimes all that is needed is for the smear to be repeated in 6 months or a year .
19 Always the demand is for ‘ practical ’ skills , while academic analysis remains a despised pastime , so that even the Superintendents ' Association ( the equivalent of the Police Federation for the lower ranks ) has similarly denied any place for intellectualism for its members .
20 No wonder the ‘ troops on the ground ’ are cynical , for they know ‘ real work ’ is for young officers and is something to leave behind at the first opportunity !
21 ‘ There will be a good crowd at church tomorrow , that is for sure .
22 ‘ All right , Alex , but that is for you to do , I have only to make sure you do it right . ’
23 It is for this reason that Professor Desmond Pacey correctly posits Leonard in his second category of Canadian poets , the socialist-realist group , of which Layton is ‘ the chief prophet ’ ; not the first , the mythopoetic group of Frye , Reaney and Macpherson .
24 This naturally prompts the question what it is for one purely particular object to stand for another .
25 The behaviourist theory of knowledge says that for someone , S , to know or believe that some proposition p is true is for S to be disposed to behave in some way which is supposed to be appropriate to the world 's being as p says .
26 But it is accepted by physicalists of all kinds that the meaning or semantic value of internal states must be analysed in terms of their causal relations to stimulus and response , just as it is for the behaviourist 's dispositions , and is not something they possess in their own right , or of themselves .
27 The sensation of seeing is for us very different from the sensation of hearing , but this can not be directly due to the physical differences between light and sound .
28 If you think the stroke is for you , the keys to success are :
29 ‘ The only thing I really want is for Alonzo Kettless to carve me an East Suffolk Policeman 's helmet , ’ said Chief Superintendent Rom Rumsby on his retirement .
30 It is for this reason that any unused ‘ B ’ solution must never be returned to the original container , as it would then destabilise the contents which , in a sealed container without a vented cap , could cause the container to burst , and with a vented cap the solution would eventually become ineffective .
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