Example sentences of "it for " in BNC.

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1 If AI members have any surplus sheet music , would they consider letting George Jackson have it for his stall ?
2 Set it for a moment beside one of those white Greek goddesses of beautiful women of antiquity , and how would they be troubled by this beauty , into which the soul with all its maladies has passed !
3 But there will also be those who will stay with it for its relish of damnation .
4 He takes it for a walk — such walks have long been a ritual activity of the country 's more optimistic male poor , the dog more expensively jacketed than the chap .
5 When I did Nurse Ratchett in One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest up in Manchester I read the novel and found a speech in the book that was really wonderful on the character and I asked the director if I could read it for him .
6 The specificity of this form of violence or coercion has to be recognized , however one feels about the terrible consequences of it for the innocent .
7 What did you do it for , you — ? he said , bunching his right hand into a fist and pressing it in agony into his left palm .
8 Must see it for myself in a public space .
9 Beer seems such a simple drink that we tend to take it for granted .
10 It was of the two of us leaning up against the Arch of Titus in Rome — we had bullied some fellow tourist into taking it for us .
11 I stuck it for about a year and then moved on to another , slightly better hotel to do the same thing for marginally more money .
12 I stood there staring at it for a moment , unable to believe what I saw .
13 I do n't think I 'll get much sleep tonight anyway so I might as well save it for food or something . ’
14 ‘ They 're not using it any more so they 've said I can use it for canteen stuff .
15 Hang on , I 'll get it for you . ’
16 I know it 's basically to suit me , but how easy is it for you to get down to Victoria ? ’
17 Then one lady wrote and said that the ladies of the local church should do it for us .
18 Remove spent tomato plants as soon as possible and put the old compost on the garden as a mulch ; do n't save it for using again next year .
19 Choose it for step-overs , tubs , small bush trees and cordons on rich soil .
20 There 's too much to be done in the garden to leave it for a week or more .
21 Save it for the birds
22 However , with fewer breaks pilots tend to take it for granted that they will not get a cable break , and this makes them more vulnerable when one does occur .
23 At about 1,000 feet you should put away the maps , select a good field and check it for slopes and surface etc .
24 More sink puts him well below the intended glide path , but instead of making the decision to choose a field and look around near it for more lift , he glides on .
25 Choosing the right bike for you depends on what you want to use it for .
26 This retreat into the safety of headquarters with its separation from reality is the route for these ‘ bastards with no teeth ’ ; it is the rightful place for those ‘ nine-til-five administrators who turn up when real polises have been up and at it for hours , and then ask their daft questions because of their lack of practical experience ’ .
27 Do n't wash it for three days !
28 But needed some kind of help : she 'd spoken about it for months before and was utterly thrilled when Jay drawled an interest .
29 Yeah , she 'd started to need Dionne , pushed it aside since they were friends , and between friends you could take it for granted , since it was .
30 What the hell did I get it for — to have it sit on the fucking shelf ?
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