Example sentences of "it [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Why was it everyone seemed to go for the easy way out ?
2 If , if you get it if you get it everyone has it I think I 'm doing a little bit what we did last night Excuse me .
3 Is it only senior management at planning meetings or is it everyone involved in achieving it ?
4 No none of you do now but when he first suggested it everyone was up in arms and he poor old soul I remembered he said , I 've had enough change I I believe in this I I 've I 've tried I 'm too old now and out he walked .
5 Well no not really because erm it , it was a private company as you can understand er , I can I ca n't really explain it everyone seemed to be pulling together you know that was the last thing you thought of , fifth columnists , things like that although it was they used to er , every now and again they used to send government national service officers round to look at the personnel and the structure of the working and if they thought anybody was superfluous to requirements they 'd get the papers soon after to go into the army or the services yeah , yeah , that is true and that happened , used to happen in factories all round the area , it was called the Essential Works Order .
6 I 'm thinking I ca n't believe you 're saying this but I wanted to photocopy it and show it everyone you see
7 They like it everyone is sort of their trundling around , the library is showing up for lunch .
8 Why is it everyone goes for the most difficult car parking spot ?
9 Most folk enjoy a day at the seaside … but Hereford 's hopes went out with the tide … they were washed away after only three minutes when Lightbourne made it one-nil
10 Town failed to spot the danger and sure enough Portsmouth and Durnin were back after the break : Walsh had a free run and Oxford 's old striker a real blast to make it one-nil .
11 and you 'd have probably written them off when Leicester won a penalty … it looked more like a slip than a push but Thompson 's kick made it one-nil at half-time …
12 My great-uncle gave it me .
13 So you give it me back . ’
14 ‘ Is it me ?
15 While he deliberated , Murray continued : ‘ I had the letter because Richard gave it me to post , sir .
16 But the day when I first beheld this city I was well pleased therewith , and coveted it that I might be its Lord ; and I besought the Lord our God that he would give it me .
17 ‘ Give it me ? ’
18 Then you 'll give it me ? ’
19 ‘ Seb gave it me . ’
20 ‘ Give it me . ’
21 Give it me . ’
22 ‘ Give it me !
23 Oh , Lee , Lee , is it me ?
24 ‘ Who give it me ? ’ he asked as he pulled it over his head .
25 And one day she had this other map , and I do n't know where she got that either , or what happened to it She only showed it me the once , and after that whenever I mentioned it she did n't know what I was talking about It was made of something absolutely rigid but incredibly thin .
26 N : ‘ Hello , is it me you 're looking for ? ’
27 ‘ Leave it me , ’ he went on .
28 I thought I bet they still wo n't give it me .
29 Whither now , at sixty-five , with an agent who sends me postcards from abroad as conscience sops , but never telephones because what work is there for such a one as I ( or is it me ) ?
30 The question has to be asked : ‘ Is it me , or does it happen to other climbers as well ? ’ .
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