Example sentences of "do [not/n't] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 If I can help further please do not hesitate to contact me on 081 840 7879 Peter Fabian Director of Fundraising
2 Scott expects ‘ pockets of horror ’ among those who hate sport or would do not relish a stadium at the foot of the garden , but he senses excitement generally .
3 Then they make their ale from what they have collected , and those who do not come there to drink and do not give money at the foresters ' will are sorely punished at their pleas for dead wood , although the King has no demesne ; nor does anyone dare to brew when the foresters brew , or to sell ale so long as the foresters have any kind of ale to sell ; and this every forester does year by year to the great grievance of the country .
4 This is not to suggest that life in a large mental handicap hospital is a fulfilling experience ; on the contrary , it has already been established that such places should not ideally exist and do not represent a suitable home for mentally handicapped people .
5 I can not do not think I am can be mistaken in my belief that our meeting was also important interesting to you , and that however much you may value your seclusion
6 When you have noted the area where the bream cease to roll and do not appear again in the immediate vicinity , the terminal point will be a few yards further along in the direction they were travelling .
7 If you can not afford or do not want new furniture , then start to attack the soft furnishings .
8 So if there are any further specific details you need do not hesitate to call into or telephone the : Tourist Information Centre .
9 Attlee and Mountbatten have done a service to all mankind by showing what statesmen can do not with force and money but with lucidity , resolution and sincerity .
10 It was as much as I could do not to join in .
11 And what does it matter to us , ordinary businesspeople , who have day to day jobs to do which certainly do not involve make or break run-ins with unions ?
12 The database packages themselves , available on 5.25 or 3.5 inch disks , are simple to use and do not require staff training .
13 Secret organisations in competition with other secret organisations require time to grow and do not emerge with countrywide capabilities .
14 Sometimes it was all she could do not to reproach Liza for her lack of consideration , for her supine acceptance in letting her mother take on the role which should have been her own .
15 It was all Harriet could do not to confront her , have the whole thing out , tell her that she was not prepared to put up with such behaviour any longer , that she might be a war widow with a child , but she was living in her mother 's house and should at least not take such care and help for granted .
16 As he tottered back to his seat it was as much as I could do not to applaud .
17 ‘ They do not visit and do not know their neighbours .
18 Often people who share your compartment wish to relax and do not wish to indulge in polite conversation , they may just want to read a newspaper or magazine so we must respect their wishes .
19 Nomish sense of smell is sharper than a fox 's ; it was all Masklin could do not to dribble .
20 However , old people who need help do not initiate such schemes .
21 Suddenly she wanted him gone so urgently that it was all she could do not to order him to get out .
22 She was heavy and it was all I could do not to let her slide through my arms .
23 It is all I can do not to reply , ‘ Fuck you , get your own dinner . ’
24 Such general concerns do not belong and do not fit into the straitjacket of a system of pressure-group lobbying and organization .
25 ‘ 17. … article 30 of the Treaty must be interpreted as meaning that the prohibition which it lays down does not apply to national rules prohibiting retailers from opening their premises on Sunday where the restrictive effects on Community trade which may result therefrom do not exceed the effects intrinsic to rules of that kind .
26 The circumstances under which they did so do not appear from the report of the case .
27 " Whatever you do do not let them take the book back without admitting that your name is in it . "
28 If kept in tune such facilities as memory , flexibility and capacity to make decisions do not easily decline .
29 Some people can not spell and do not care about it .
30 He fished the cubes out and put them into an ashtray and found it all he could do not to weep at the mess they made with the ash .
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