Example sentences of "know how " in BNC.

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1 having been in the US 's ‘ back yard ’ I know how little attention is paid to those issues there .
2 I am thirteen years old , and if ten years of my youth were taken over by four plain walls and nothing to do , I know how I would feel .
3 You will know about using the voice and body and know how not to exhaust yourself .
4 ‘ Oh , well , you know how it is .
5 I know how the funicular is operating .
6 ‘ Not when you know how . ’
7 ‘ I reckon I know how Leonardo da Vinci must have felt . ’
8 For one thing , the criticism could easily rebound on the people who run these places , when in most cases they know how bad things are themselves but they ca n't do much about it .
9 I 'm not sure that I know how to explain it to you . ’
10 I would like to let the lady looking for standard gooseberry plants ( Question Time , June ) know how I obtained mine .
11 Forget the last six months , admit it 's been more like a year , remove yourself from the desperate turns on the rack of rejection … at least you know how to love .
12 The Urlar folk will neither help nor hinder — you know how close they are . ’
13 ‘ You know how it is , ’ he would say to their hosts , on the pretext of apologising for arriving late , ‘ She could n't find a thing to wear .
14 You know how damp it was this morning .
15 You know how I am on Fridays .
16 ‘ The Latin races know how to make a revolution , ’ he said waving his specs in the empty gallery .
17 It is vital , therefore , that you know how to stretch properly and safely .
18 Those who have read him know how seldom he declares himself thus roundly and emphatically .
19 That lump of metal on wheels can actually be the most useful exercise machine you ever meet — but ONLY if you know how to get the maximum use out of it .
20 ‘ I hope I know how I would behave , but you do n't know until it happens to you .
21 Their families and friends seldom know how to respond .
22 He is finally rejected by the devious , arrogant Keith , who informs him that he is ‘ obsolete ’ because he does not ‘ know how to make things happen ’ .
23 You know how it is with these developments .
24 ‘ We know how much money from the Freshmen 's Fayre has found its way into your bank account over the years .
25 ‘ We know how fast food moves through its gut , how much energy it takes to make one post-larval prawn from the day it hatches , and so on .
26 I 've nothing against aeroplanes landing on stage , but there should be a place for personal musicals , and frankly they 're all I know how to write .
27 A few intermediaries offer this facility on a limited basis but forward foreign exchange markets and the currency futures options market are designed for big players and the smaller customer would neither be welcomed , nor would he , or she , easily know how to gain access to these markets .
28 I picked an individual Cottage Pie , because that is something I sometimes prepare at home and I think I know how good ( or terrible ! ) it can be .
29 We all know how Service morale is closely related to the standard of food , so it is comforting to conclude that the RAF looks in pretty good shape in 1991 .
30 It was the same idea of the Empire as a patrimony , or an estate , the source of a livelihood for the mothercountry , to which Chamberlain had appealed : ‘ I know how our forefathers … bore themselves bravely in the titanic strife with Napoleon and came out victorious .
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