Example sentences of "over world " in BNC.

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1 STEPHEN HENDRY extended a season 's unbeaten record over world champion John Parrott in the Benson and Hedges Irish Masters semi-final at Goffs , County Kildare , writes Joe Lancaster
2 They punished Western support for the Israeli side with a massive price hike , and effectively maintained their control over world prices for almost a decade .
3 BORIS BECKER bounced back from a poor spell with a 7–6 , 6–3 victory over world No 1 Jim Courier in the quarter-finals of the Paris Open yesterday .
4 Sensational wins over world No 2 Chris Dittmar and No 3 Rodney Martin in the past three weeks , plus victory over six-times world champion Jahangir Khan in the World Championships , have propelled the Nottingham 21-year-old soaring up the world rankings to No 7 .
5 GORAN IVANISEVIC last night won his way into the semi-finals of the ATP World Championships here with an impressive triumph over world No 1 Jim Courier .
6 As rapporteur of the Commission which was considering national and colonial questions , Lenin made it clear it was essential to achieve the closest alliance of all national and colonial liberation movements with Soviet Russia : indeed the former were learning from bitter experience that their only salvation lay in alliance with the revolutionary proletariat and in the triumph of Soviet power over world imperialism .
7 It 's a challenge that 's been talked about all over world , but who 's going to respond and how ?
8 Such control over world oil prices could have had very unpleasant effects on the economies of the developed world , turning the danger of global or regional recession into a chronic threat .
9 The announcement of the 1991 budget , expected on Dec. 31 , 1990 , was delayed because of the cost of the Gulf crisis ( estimated at $21,000 million by the end of 1990 ) and uncertainty over world oil markets ; the 1990 budget was to be extended for as long as necessary .
10 360 weightlifters from all over world are in Oxford proving that life really can begin at 40 .
11 Rookie professional , Steve Lee , continued his purple patch with a 5-2 victory over world No10 , Steve James .
12 One has only to look at the contradictions between the rich north and the starving south ; between capitalist industry 's ceaseless drive for higher productivity and the health of the biosphere ; those contradictions at the heart of the EC ( the ERM , the battles over farming and fishing , etc ) ; and the fierce struggle over world trade in GATT , which will soon break out again .
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