Example sentences of "over the " in BNC.

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1 Over the last three years , our volunteers have provided much love and care to many hurt and lonely people .
2 Over the next decade a global approach is going to be essential . ’
3 Over the next six months this small group of professionals and volunteers provided practical care for 15 people living in or around the Borough of Ealing .
4 Tony has been unwell over the weekend .
5 Over the next 5–15 years , 1000s more soldier cells in the body get infected .
6 Using the ‘ Deposited Covenant ’ procedure you can pay over the whole of the donation in one go , and we can give you full details of how to do this .
7 As this is over the inheritance tax threshold , it would bring a tax bill of £4,800 .
8 Travelling to several countries over the last year , has brought it home to me how disastrous are the effects , worldwide , of the virus causing AIDS .
9 In London , demand for our Home Care services doubled over the last twelve months .
10 I expect demand for this service to continue to grow over the coming year .
11 I am pleased to report further extensions of home care over the last year to meet the growing needs in Glasgow and also to cover a greater area of the South Coast and the East Midlands .
12 Over the last year we have moved therefore from care support to urgent training of Romanian people who can then become effective educators .
13 Over the next twelve months we expect a further increase in those needing our Home Care service to enable them to live and die at home .
14 Over the last year ACET 's centres in Dundee , Edinburgh and Glasgow have been asked to care for a growing number needing practical help to stay at home .
15 Over the next decade a real challenge will be the effective provision of care for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS .
16 Over the last year , 24,000 pupils attended ACET class presentations , as against 14,500 in 1989/90 .
17 Over the next twelve months we will be providing support to a growing number of new and existing local programmes , identified as a result of an extensive survey we have just completed .
18 AI has appealed to Brazilian parliamentarians expressing its concern over the moves to reinstate the death penalty .
19 For this reason the campaigning elements of the organization — and that includes many of the 80,000 British members who undertake to be active on Amnesty 's behalf — have increased and refined their methods over the years .
20 In Benenson 's words : ‘ The gradual change over the last 30 years in the public perception of the value of human life is a measure of Amnesty 's influence .
21 Amnesty sections all over the world include the Prisoner Letter Writing Campaign cases in the magazines and newssheets they publish in many other languages , from Faroe to Banlga .
22 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
23 No effort has been made to investigate the tens of thousands of murders and ‘ disappearances ’ that have occurred over the past three years : in February , Sri Lankan human rights activists estimated that 40,000 people had ‘ disappeared ’ since 1987 .
24 These are now due to occur in 1991 , having been postponed on several occasions over the past few years .
25 We finished our coffee and watched the seagulls whirling and shrieking over the harbour in the spring sunshine .
26 Despite the hype over the release of political prisoners , reports of police misconduct do not inspire confidence in the majority of South Africans , or in those all-important foreign investors .
27 The ground has been thoroughly explored over the last 250 years , which is one estimate of the span of art critical and art historical activity .
28 It is a memorable evocation , casting a spell over the reader : ‘ She is older than the rocks among which she sits ; like the vampire , she has been dead many times , and learned the secrets of the grave ; and has been a diver in deep seas , and keeps their fallen day about her … ’
29 A sound guide has an edge over the printed page , since the listener is looking at what is being described , interpreted and judged .
30 Lawrence , for example , was in Parma in 1820 , in ecstasy over the work of Correggio :
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