Example sentences of "'ve just " in BNC.

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1 I 'll think about what you 've just said . ’
2 I 've just got to get out of here . ’
3 ‘ I 've just remembered something .
4 ‘ I think you 've just told me what your problem is . ’
5 ‘ Funnily enough , that 's been one of the nice things about Harwich : people have n't overburdened everything with all my troubles and they 've just been themselves .
6 I 've just had open-heart surgery , remember ? ’
7 ‘ I 've just had a bath . ’
8 ‘ If you 've just joined us , ’ the commentator 's voice droned , ‘ there 's no score in this all important match but England can be admired for holding their own , down to ten men and against a Moroccan team that 's used to the sort of heat … ’
9 We 've just got settled in this place .
10 We 've just emerged from an exhibition at the Royal Academy , ‘ British Art of the Twentieth Century . ’
11 I 've just come back from France .
12 ( You ca n't work from the feathery point you 've just planed , so chop it off .
13 I 've just mentioned the taunt that drives Sonya to prostitution .
14 The Woolwich insists that it has no plans to introduce them , while the Abbey National believes that fluctuating payments ‘ show their value in weeks like the one we 've just had ’ .
15 A sample : We 're coming in to land at Speke My legs are feeling very weak We 've just returned from Barcelona And now I 'm going for a sauna Toshack is of Scottish descent , and there is certainly a bit of McGonagall in there , though not the best bit .
16 I do , however , keep giving the actors directions which belong to a five-week rehearsal period and then have to tell them to forget what I 've just said .
17 A man says : ‘ Hold on , I 've just got in , be right with you …
18 ‘ At parties , if people ask what you 've been doing and you tell them that you 've just been around the world , it stops the conversationd ead . ’
19 ‘ For Christ 's sake , Sid , I 've just got my head down .
20 The bloke behind the counter said , look , I 've just got to go and look up the year of manufacture , I 'll be back in a couple of minutes .
21 I 've just set my hair . ’
22 ‘ I 've just been posting a letter for poor Mrs. Fanshawe , Sister , ’ she said virtuously .
23 I 've just driven close on two hundred miles and I … ’
24 I 've just got a crown .
25 They 've just gone off somewhere and left it behind .
26 I know you 've got none fit in Munster at the moment , but hopefully the Lads in the Power Pack Section can make something of the ones we 've just lifted .
27 ‘ We 've just — ’ she gestured at the drinks .
28 ‘ Some of these clothes are antiques ; I 've just spotted a stain on one of them ! ’
29 If you 've just bought suede shoes I suggest you spray them with suede guard to prevent them getting dirty .
30 ‘ We 've just borrowed this gear from a shop called Occi-Mizoki .
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