Example sentences of "'ve [be] " in BNC.

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1 I did wonder whether we ought to call a , a , a , sort of emergency meeting of Harlow Health Action , but I was away myself until last few days , so it 's difficult to do that , so what we 've are , I 've agreed with Dave , the secretary , we 've produced a leaflet , which is based on one of the Federations leaflet , it gives the reason to be against opting out .
2 ‘ I 've been to fifteen funerals of my friends this year .
3 Salim presents himself in a light which requires the reader to be told that , although he himself has been making good , he is grieved , or affects to be , by the discovery that the slavish Metty has been getting on : ‘ You 've been very much getting on as though you 're your own man . ’
4 I see how I 've been losing : all the while
5 Siegfried , I do n't know what you 'll think , but I 've been recommended for the MC — and I 've recommended every single NCO who was with me .
6 We both wanted to win , I said , and now we 've been saved from temptation .
7 ‘ Chinese and Western cuisines have very different styles , but since I 've been here , I 've realised that once chefs have the chance to exchange views and work together , it 's very easy to adapt to a new style of cooking .
8 Operations manager Siobhan Hunter , who is responsible for the Morgan Grenfell contract , says : ‘ We 've been looking at computers for the past 18 months , and we went for Caterdata , having seen it in action at BE Services , the in-house caterer at the Bank of England . ’
9 You 've been helping the Vatican in some mysterious business or other , have n't you ? ’
10 I 've been framed !
11 Yet this is twice they 've been here — first last Spring , and now for the New Year party . ’
12 ‘ Mind you , it 's the first time they 've been here , and if I 'm any judge it 'll be the last .
13 ‘ I think , ’ he said , ‘ I 've been forgetting something . ’
14 ‘ I 've been stabbed in the back . ’
15 ‘ You 've been trying to ease me out , Charles .
16 Realistically , I 've been applying for the sort of job that will pay me enough money to keep me going when I retire .
17 I 've been difficult material to work with , have n't I ? ’
18 ‘ I 've been given this beautiful little picture as well , ’ I said , and I smiled up at him .
19 ‘ You 've been very quiet about this , Dorothy .
20 ‘ Look , I 've been bounced around like a rubber ball between you people for a couple of months now .
21 ‘ Oh , I 've been a schoolteacher , a receptionist , a chambermaid , all sorts of things really . ’
22 ‘ You 've been in the wars rather , have n't you ? ’
23 In addition , when I look at the plight of the millions of people who 've been made homeless recently because of flooding in other parts of the world , it does make me realize how lucky we are as a society that homelessness is still on a much smaller scale here than it is in some countries .
24 ‘ I 've been very lucky , ’ I realized .
25 In fact ever since the pair of them started going out together they 've been going on about having to find poor old Jenny a new man .
26 ‘ I 've been excused for the moment .
27 ‘ Dorothy , I 've been thinking .
28 Yes , we 've been expecting you .
29 ‘ I 've been here before so I know a little bit .
30 We 've been so worried about you !
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