Example sentences of "being for " in BNC.

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1 Although ‘ English ’ does have connections with the genuine disciplines of history and philosophy it came into being for cultural rather than disciplinary reasons .
2 He widened the faculty from being Anglican to being for all denominations .
3 Being for once in the mood to get things right , Phoebe had brought home from the library a book about dragonflies .
4 Of the 655 ‘ leaf-spring ’ Cobras built ( including the 75 original 260s ) , only 61 were officially listed as being for European consumption , and of course not even all of those were for Britain .
5 Basically , the head teacher must consider it inappropriate for the time being for the pupil to follow the National Curriculum and that either ( 1 ) circumstances giving rise to that opinion are likely to change within six months or ( 2 ) that the pupil may have special educational needs requiring modification of the National Curriculum and temporary exception is necessary while those needs are assessed .
6 ‘ Nothing ’ , as Edmund Blunden noted , ‘ seems to have caught his eye or any of his five or more senses without being for ever ready to serve his vision . ’
7 To meet objections to this , the Commission added that an individual should only be held where , quite apart from being for an ‘ arrestable offence ’ , the arrest was also ‘ necessary ’ .
8 There is , then , something in the idea of being for animal welfare we all can accept , just as there is something in the ideas of being against cruelty and for human responsibility and animal protection .
9 The implication drawn seemed to be that these two groups were irrevocably separated the practical men being for ever excluded from the highest mystical experiences .
10 In many parishes the parish magazine has been in being for a number of years and is a great repository of local information — which event was held by which organisation in which year , who won prizes at the horticultural show , etc. , etc .
11 If the site chosen is in the opinion of the local authority not suitable for the carrying on of an offensive trade , being for example too near to residential properties then consent may be refused , or granted for a limited period or subject to conditions .
12 Some two per 12 hour shift ( ie four per day ) were produced , the first order being for 200 .
13 Although there are no August records , the species has been recorded in September , the earliest report being for the seventh in 1951 and 1974 .
14 The ride followed by Marian and Allen , although not so broad as the main Highway , was lighter because the trees that flanked it , being for the most part giant oaks , had quelled the subordinate vegetation and left airy vistas between their trunks .
15 The fact of all homes in the street having inside WCs was in itself evidence that the planners had earmarked the property as being for professional occupants as opposed to the ‘ working-man ’ .
16 A defence is provided in section 4(1) of the Act for cases in which ‘ it is proved that publication … is justified as being for the public good on the ground that it is in the interests of science , literature , art or learning , or other objects of general concern ’ .
17 This can be expressed very physically in the way breasts are now regarded as being for feeding babies rather than for making love , and most couples experience tensions over their sexual relationship in the early months and even years of parenthood .
18 Where the branch manufactures a product ( such as a car ) the standards it must comply with are those of the host member state ; conversely , where it sells a product made in its home member state the manufacturing standards of the home member state are normally the relevant ones , although the rules of the host member state would apply to its advertising in that state provided that they are justified as being for the public good .
19 These look almost out of place on what must be considered , at least by association , a heavy rock guitar , the popular penchant , of course , being for the chunkier fret .
20 Faced with arguably the most reactionary piece of legislation this century , with its major implications for basic civil liberties and education , not to mention lesbians and gay men , Labour reduced it to being for or against the ‘ promotion ’ of homosexuality .
21 185 Squadron now moved to Takali alongside the newly-arrived unit with its own remaining ten Mark Is and two Mark IIs , leaving Luqa and Hal Far free for the time being for use as staging airfields to Egypt , and as bases for the bombers and reconnaissance aircraft .
22 The first-level supervision , known as the deputy , stood in a service rather than an executive relation , his responsibilities being for safety , maintenance of supplies , and shot-firing rather than for direct supervision .
23 Larger quantities will be regarded as being for commercial purposes , unless buyers can prove otherwise .
24 She therefore advertised the garage as being for rent , and at the same time got herself a job as a secretary to an insurance broker , to fill in the time until Peter should be at home permanently or a family should arrive .
25 Hearths are a fairly common feature in a proportion of such buildings and Leeds also describes some pits as being for cooking .
26 There are two columns of measurements to enter , the first column being for the actual body measurements and the second for the amount of ease that you wish to add to each of the actual measurements .
27 The goods or service lift is entered from the backstairs area behind the passenger lift and is controlled by a set of three ‘ semi-automatic ’ push buttons , the third being for stopping the lift at any desired point .
28 But they can not be alike , since one of them requires a sentient being for its existence while the other does not .
29 Typical of stress is this feeling of being for ever ‘ on the run ’ , unable to stop and be at peace with yourself .
30 A maximum of £4,000 was to be spent on the building , the residue being for ‘ the general uses of the hospital ’ ( i.e. revenue ) .
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