Example sentences of "just as " in BNC.

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1 Also , the history of sculpture includes some account of the abortive plans for sculpture , just as the history of architecture is incomplete as a history of ideas without a knowledge of rejected proposals .
2 Choices for subsidies are in themselves art critical judgements , just as commissions are , and public debate can become enflamed over commissions .
3 The girl is anonymous , just as are the models for some religious scenes described by Giorgio Vasari .
4 Dyer 's doings are the same as but also different from those investigated by the fretful man he resembles , just as Hawksmoor 's investigative Scotland Yard is the same as but also different from the architects ' department of that name attended by Dyer .
5 Gianni and Ursula leapt on just as the doors were closing , but Monique , who was now a few yards behind them and whose movements were hampered anyway by her arthritis , was left standing there as the train moved out .
6 The ‘ distrustful fellow ’ of the past is present , and not just as a commemorative item .
7 Levi would have understood that challenge , just as I think he would have been happy to agree that it is possible to speak without contradiction of the literal imagination .
8 There are plenty of good coaches about just as there are a multitude of nice misguided types who seek to portray themselves through other people over and over again .
9 But just as the mere thought of the long run is liable to blight any work on which one is engaged , so the thought of a tone distinct from though inseparable from the shit is guaranteed to bring even the most promising project to a halt .
10 I do not want , wrote Harsnet , to try and trace this logic or to dwell , in these notes , on the nature and direction of my earlier work , especially , he wrote , as I have always held that any new work worth its salt should be essentially different from all that has gone before , all that others have done and all that you have done , just as the deeds of each new day must never simply repeat those of the previous day or days .
11 There will not always be critics and the rest , just as there will not always be man and the rest .
12 The sense of its otherness , he wrote , just as I wanted it , an alien object , one never before seen on our planet , not quite animal , not quite mineral , not quite vegetable , yet familiar , familiar .
13 As regards restoration , just as we would not dream of stripping out the original interior of the Blackfriar , by the same token we would not seek to preserve a Thirties estate pub which had long since ceased to address the needs of the community it was built to serve .
14 Some people never have to use their back-ups , just as some people never need to claim on their insurance , but would you want to be uninsured ?
15 Vaughan 's dinner cooking usually begins just as her two sons return from school in the afternoon .
16 ‘ I run the kitchen just as I would run it in a hotel or restaurant , ’ he says .
17 Ian Lawrence runs his kitchen just as he would a hotel
18 Just as it might have been possible for you also , madame , ’ he had said .
19 Jilly Jonathan was sitting just as she had been ever since they had come out on to the terrace .
20 And some silly woman crashed her tray to the floor just as I made my second entrance — disgraceful ! ’
21 Bogarde plays a Russian emigre who runs a chocolate factory in Germany just as the Nazis begin to take power .
22 I got up and walked quickly out of the coffee shop , up over the footbridge and on to the other platform — jumping on to the train just as it was about to go .
23 Just as you might decide to colour co-ordinate your curtains and cushions , why not try arranging your houseplants into effective colour schemes ?
24 ( Just as with the cross wind take-off , the down wind wing should be held so that any slight pull will not help the weathercocking into wind . )
25 Thus with the aileron and rudder held in a central position , a glider will always weathercock into line with the relative airflow , just as the wind vane on a church steeple will always swing into the wind .
26 But worse still , if the pilot is able to pick up the dropped wing after the initial swing , because of the acceleration the controls suddenly become effective , and this often results in the other wing touching just as the aircraft becomes airborne .
27 They are a sign of poor planning and of not thinking sufficiently far ahead , but they can be useful as an option , just as sideslipping is an extra skill which can prevent a serious overshoot and a broken glider .
28 Just as food reaches your baby , so does alcohol .
29 But just as adolescence brings about major changes in your body , most women experience some physical and emotional change during the menopause .
30 Just as Sgt Wilson 's thesis was channelled to me because I was known to be interested in research , so many police research departments now get allocated the task of reading the essays submitted by sergeants and inspectors for NEBS or DMS qualifications .
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